Alan Rickman loses interest in Harry Potter, but JK Rowling pulls him back by revealing Snape’s secret.

Alan Rickman, the actor who played the complex Severus Snape in the Harry Potter franchise, knew about the future of the Passion Master before any of his co-stars knew. While it was going on Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to the Hogwarts Reunion, Daniel Radcliffe and Gary Oldman discuss where the story goes and how Rickman has an ‘inside line’, but never reveals it to anyone else.

Speaking of his own character Sirius Black, Gary Oldman stated that he wanted to have his ‘complete film’. In the third film, Sirius is portrayed as a mass murderer and traitor, but as the book progresses, he turns out to be really good. When Oldman asked Radcliffe if he knew the future of his character, the actor replied, “Just Rickman. Rickman has a line inside. Oldman wondered, “Rickman? He made it work! “Radcliffe ‘very early on’ wanted to know the future of Rickman Snape’s story and asked series writer JK Rowling. He did not tell anyone. Director Chris Columbus also tries to ask him about some scenes and he says “I’ll tell you later”.

To Empire Magazine, Rickman revealed that he did not want to return to play the role because it was ‘nothing more than a change of clothes’. However, author JK Rowling tells the secret about his character, as well as the story behind the word ‘always’.

For the first several books, Severus Snape appears to be a bad bully, believed by the headmaster Albus Dumbledore for an incomprehensible reason. It turned out later that he was acting as a double agent at a very personal risk and fighting to protect Harry from Lord Voldemort, who was ‘always’ in love with Harry’s mother. Rowling told Rickman Hitfix in 2011 that he was given a ‘small, left field piece of information’ about Snape. He said, “It helped me to feel that he was more complex and that the story was not as straight line as everyone thought.” This helped him to realize that he was playing a vague role.


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