Against the Ice Trailer: Nicholas Coaster-Waldow embarks on a grueling journey through the icy greenland landscape

Here is the trailer for Peter Flint’s upcoming Survival Drama. Starred Nicholas Coaster-Waldow Starring Captain Ezner Mickelsen in the lead role, the film is based on a true story to prove that Denmark’s Alabama Expedition to Greenland is the only island.

The idea is to err on the side of the United States claim that Greenland is actually two islands. That would have allowed America to annex northeastern Greenland.

By then, there were no satellites and mapping was done with basic methods like triangle. Ejnar Mikkelsen and his inexperienced colleague Iver Iversen (Joe Cole) set out on a long journey together through the cold landscape to prove their suit. They followed in the footsteps of the Denmark expedition and recovered the bodies and their records.

In those days there were no adventurers in the polar regions, it was a misfortune and had to face the wrath of nature before rescuing them.

The story is really worth telling, and if the trailer is anything to go by, Against the Eyes did a good job. Coaster-Waldow is best known for his role as Jaime Lannister in HBO’s Game of Thrones, which he has always relied on to play difficult and complex roles, and also includes GoT’s father Charles Dance on screen in the film.

The official YouTube description of the film reads, ÔÇťAgainst the Ice is a true story of the astonishing power of friendship, love and companionship, two people succeed in proving that Greenland is an island, but not before battling extreme conditions in their struggle. Survival. “

All in all, Against the Ice looks spectacular. At one point, Eznar appears to have been struck by a polar bear, which echoes The Revenant scene of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Against the Ice releases on Netflix on March 2nd.


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