5 Things That Became a Silent Place is one of the most innovative horror films of the decade

A Quiet Place Part II Here. The first film to be released in 2018, one of the most innovative, original horror films of at least a decade. Will the sequel receive the sky-high expectations of the original? It remains to be seen, but first revisit the first film and think about its uniqueness.

Krasinsky and his wife, actor Emily Blunt, star in A Quiet Place, directed by John Krasinsky. It introduced us to the Abbott family and told us how their world was turned upside down when blind alien monsters invaded Earth. These aliens were very sensitive to hearing and killed most of the population, and others were reduced to whispering or communicating using sign language.

Here are some reasons why the film works so well:

1. The concept of the novel

The concept is new and innovative and allows the authors (Krasinsky, Bryan Woods and Scott Beck) to create various tensions that have been peppered throughout the film. The dystopian world has always been a fertile ground for imagination, and the film script, as well as its execution, has proven that the cinematic premise is not just a gimmick.

A quiet place, John Krasinsky A quiet place is desperately thrilling. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

2. Great acting

Emily Blunt, Quit Place Emily Blunt is the MVP of A Quiet Place. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

The presence of Krasinsky and Blunt’s caliber actors helped the film. Blunt, in particular, is very intelligent throughout, but especially in the final act her character is pushed to the limit of patience and courage. It was like acting and she seemed to be living in a person. Kids, Millicent Symonds and Noah Zoop are great too.

3. Direction

Seeing the quiet place, it didn’t seem like it was the horror director’s work for the first time. Krasinsky’s direction was guaranteed with Nari Miss. Unlike action film, Art is faster than so-called horror movies. So it worked for casual and serious moviegoers. Directing is a big reason for the film to work well.

3. Strong characters and relative themes‌

Although A Quiet Place is a horror and escape film, it has significant character development and themes like Du grief Kham satisfy it. Evelyn and Lee, Krasinsky and Blunt star as a couple, hanging on to the idea of ​​having a family so no one is there. They are also grieving the death of their youngest son who was murdered by monsters a year before the movie events. In addition, the film also emphasizes the importance of family in adverse situations.

4. Sound design

The story of the film required a unique sound design and A Quiet Place provided a great deal of time. In a quiet place, the conversation was so minimal that non-human voices had to speak. The sound effects in the film helped to create a sense of dread. Nature and ambient sounds blend seamlessly with the soundtrack, which is admirable and never distracts from the experience.


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