Winter 2021: Winter in Uttarakhand, frozen rivers and streams in Nithi Valley, snow on the road, photos

– Photo: Amar Ujala

Rivers and streams flowing in the Nithi Valley in the marginal areas of Chamoli district have turned to ice due to severe cold. Roads were also closed due to heavy snowfall on the road and sidewalks.

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A few days ago there was a heavy snowfall in the area, after which the temperature here dropped continuously. The temperature here these days is approaching minus 15 degrees Celsius. As a result, the Dhauli River, which flows here, freezes.

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All the rivers and streams flowing in the valley of righteousness turned to ice. A thick sheet of snow froze in front of Ghansali on Nithi Marg, causing the road to be closed. However, these days only Army and ITBP personnel are deployed here.

– Photo: Amar Ujala

Already locals are migrating to the hinterland. At the same time it is freezing cold in the sun garden. The life of the villagers was horrible as the winters boomed in the valley.

– Photo: Amar Ujala

Unable to withstand the cold, they stay indoors in the evenings. Chance of light rain and snow in many parts of and around the capital Dune. The weather changed throughout the day on Friday. The sun was also light. As a result, people experienced severe cold.

– Photo: Amar Ujala

It was getting colder in the evening. In Mussoorie, people were seen taking help of bonfires. Uttarkashi, Chamoli, Rudraprayag, Bageshwar and Pithoragarh districts are likely to receive showers, the Met office said.

– Photo: Amar Ujala

Areas above 2500 meters are likely to experience light snowfall, according to the weather bulletin.



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