UP elections 2022: Why not talk about alliance between Akhilesh and Chandrasekhar? Read the full article behind it

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After nearly a month of negotiations, it was finally decided on Saturday that there would be no alliance between the Samajwadi Party and the Chandrasekhar Azad Azad Samaj Party. Announcing this, Chandrasekhar Azad accused Akhilesh Yadav of having an anti-Dalit mentality.

Chandrasekhar Azad

Chandrasekhar Azad
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Akhilesh Yadav quickly linked big leaders of the OBC and the oppressed with the Samajwadi Party. It was hoped that Chandrasekhar Azad, a well-known Dalit leader, would also join the alliance. But that did not happen. There was no discussion between the two leaders on the distribution of seats. Read the full article behind this?

Who benefits from the alliance?

Chandrasekhar Azad and his Azad Samaj Party have a lot of craze among the Dalit youth of Uttar Pradesh. Azad has millions of supporters, especially in Saharanpur, Meerut, Aligarh, Bulandshahr, Hathras, Bijnor and Agra districts of Uttar Pradesh. Azad himself is from Saharanpur with over 20 per cent Dalit votes. There are seven assembly seats in Saharanpur district on which Chandrasekhar’s cooperation can prove decisive. Uttar Pradesh has about 20 per cent Dalit votes. The vote bank is for Mayawati Bahujan Samaj Party. For the past few years, Chandrasekhar has been scatterbrained in this Dalit vote bank belonging to Mayawati.

In such a situation, if the Samajwadi Party had made an alliance with the Chandrasekhar Azad Samaj Party, a large number of Dalit votes in UP would have gone to the SP. Had the Jat-Dalits made an alliance, the SP would have benefited a lot in the elections.

What did Chandrasekhar say when there was no alliance?

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Chandrasekhar Azad said, “I have been talking to Akhilesh continuously for a month. Akhilesh says he will not ally with Dalits. Akhilesh insulted me. I think they do not want the Dalit leadership to stand. I left the responsibility of whether or not to join the alliance on Akhilesh. But he has not answered so far.

Promotions do not come together for themselves in terms of reservations. The way the BJP is playing with the Dalits by eating food. The same is true of Akhilesh Yadav. We wanted Akhilesh Yadav to keep our problems, but he avoided it. That is why he said that there was no compromise.

Mulayam Singh Yadav was betrayed by the Kanshiram CM. We do not want that to happen to Dalits again. I risked my self-esteem to stop the BJP.

What did OP Rajbhar say in the alliance?

Contrary to Chandrasekhar’s claims, Suheldev contested the elections in alliance with Bharatiya Samaj Party president Om Prakash Rajbhar, SP. Rajbhar said, “Chandrasekhar has received many offers under the alliance. He was wrong to say that he would give ministerial posts, three seats, one MLC post.

What is the answer of Akhilesh Yadav?

SP chief Akhilesh Yadav himself responded to Chandrasekhar’s allegations. I spoke of giving two seats to Chandrasekhar. One seat went to the RLD. I have spoken to RLD leaders for this. He accepted my opinion and left the safe Rampur Maniharan seat in Saharanpur. After that I gave this seat to Chandrasekhar. Simultaneously Ghaziabad seat was given to Chandrasekhar without declaration. Afterwards Chandrasekhar said I will not contest the election. The people of the company are outraged by this. He does not agree with such a low number of seats. After that I said we would get the same number of seats. No seat after that. Chandrasekhar then retreated.



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