The ICMR study revealed: Severe variations seen in children, causing further damage to the delta

Corona infection affects children as well as adults. In a clinical study for the first time, it was found that severe variants of the corona were also found in children. Previously during the second wave, corona infection in children was caused by a delta variant. This fatal mutation took the children to the hospital. Every second delta infection is detected in infected children. Most of the Kappa and Alpha variations have also been found.

This was revealed in a clinical study by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in New Delhi, on the basis of which scientists have suggested increasing the genetic sequence of pediatric specimens. The evidence for Omicron is minimal, but it is not considered common in children.

This study is currently under review before being published in the medical journal MedRxiv. ICMR scientists studied a sample of 583 children infected with corona between March and June this year. During this time, genome sequencing of each specimen was performed to determine which forms of the virus were most common in children aged 0 to 18 years. Of these, samples of 16 corona-infected children were taken from hospitals in Delhi and NCR.

In fact, schools have reopened in many states across the country. There is talk of a third wave, but clinical studies suggest that the infection may be mild in most children. According to the fourth Zero Survey in the country, children are just as at risk of infection as adults. In the survey, sero-positivity was found in more than 50 percent of children (1819) aged 6 to 17 years. Most of these do not require admission. However, in view of the frequent mutations and omicran variants of the virus, caution is required with children.

Severe variants of the virus were found in 372
After sequencing for about three months and then preparing the report, out of 512 children, 372 were found to have severe variants of the corona, while 51 children were found to have variants placed in the anxiety category. That is, a delta variant was found in 65.82 percent of children. At the same time, kappa was found in 9.96, alpha 6.83 and b.1.36 in 4.68 percent of children. With the exception of Kappa and Delta, two variants do not appear.

Itching and pain in one’s eye in 583
The study found that symptoms of corona virus in children are different than in adults. Scientists say the symptoms are different in children, although the risk is lower. One in 583 children complained of itching and pain in the eyes, which has not yet been found in adults. Only one child reported being tired after being infected.

The order of the children is very important: the scientist
In clinical studies, scientists have suggested that if a child is diagnosed with corona infection, the genetic makeup of his model is also very important. If the child shows signs of infection and is likely to become seriously ill in a few days, sequencing should be done immediately to see if the child has any form of the virus. Based on that, the medical process should proceed.

The first child in the country became infected with alpha: ICMR
An ICMR senior scientist said the baby was first diagnosed with corona in November last year. The sequencing of his model confirmed the alpha variant. Their number has been growing since then. Also, new variants are starting to become available.



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