The good news: All local trains will run in Mumbai from October 28 and will be allowed to travel only after vaccination

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Published by: Prashant Kumar Jha
Updated to Tuesday, 26 October 2021 02:32 PM IST


Corona cases are on the decline in Maharashtra. Slowly the situation is coming back to normal. In this episode, all local trains are now running in Mumbai. Passengers traveling on trains must be vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine.

Mumbai local train

Mumbai local train
– Photo: PTI

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All local trains will run from Thursday (October 28) in Mumbai, the financial capital of the country. All trains run as before. These trains were halted due to corona infection. In view of the constantly declining cases, it was decided to run all the trains at full capacity as before. The state government has made it mandatory for all traveling individuals and staff to take two doses of the vaccine. Only those who took two doses were allowed to travel.

The Maharashtra government is accelerating the vaccination campaign to control corona infection. Earlier in August, Mumbai locals were allowed to travel after completing a 14-day gap from the second dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine. They had to get certificates from smartphones, ward offices and suburban railway stations.



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