The country needs to turn grocery stores into digital stores – Isha and Aakash Ambani

11:58 AM, 15-Dec-2021

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg talks about metavars. Technology is helping to shape the future. Online gaming has a huge future in India and we are working hard for it. Metawares is the world we are in through augmented reality, even though we are not physical. Everything from photos to text and videos is very natural.

11:48 AM, 15-Dec-2021

Energy for India 2021
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Directors of Reliance Jio Platforms Isha Ambani and Aakash Ambani described small businesses as the backbone of the country. Isha Ambani said the epidemic has changed our business approach. Now is the time to transform local grocery stores into digital stores. Referring to the 30,000 retailers affiliated with Reliance, Aakash Ambani said there is room for online and offline stores in the retail sector. Isha and Aakash Ambani actually participated in Facebook’s Fuel for India 2021 event.

Asked by Meta (Facebook) Chief Business Officer Marne Levine, Isha Ambani said, “Our father Mukesh Ambani’s vision is to digitally launch millions of small retailers through Geo and Geomart. We are one step closer to realizing his vision, which is very important to Akash and me personally.

Commenting on the partnership between JioMart and WhatsApp, Aakash Ambani said, “Digital shopping on JioMart via WhatsApp is now like sending a message. This is truly a revolution in digital shopping for consumers.

Appreciating Geo’s strong customer base and affordable services, Marne asked how Geo Mobile Recharge works through WhatsApp. Answering the question, Aakash Ambani said that recharging Geo on WhatsApp is very easy and it will be completed in two steps. This has made life easier for Geo users. Speaking about the elderly, Isha said that the elderly sometimes find it difficult to go out, so it is very convenient to recharge Geo through WhatsApp.

11:42 AM, 15-Dec-2021

Misho- Sanjeev Burnwall

Social commerce has been going on in India for a long time, but with the advent of technology it has grown a lot. Sanjeev said that all our business is done through WhatsApp. Through WhatsApp, we reach customers directly, which is not possible without it.

11:26 AM, 15-Dec-2021

Fuel for India
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mygov president Abhishek Singh said – For the past 18 months, people have been helping with the infection through WhatsApp. The API is also provided via WhatsApp. Now individuals can work from downloading the vaccine certificate through WhatsApp to booking a slot in the center. All this is possible only through technology.

11:12 AM, 15-Dec-2021

Smriti Irani
– Photo: Meta

In Fuel for India 2021, Smriti Irani talks about her portal. Irani says- Today technology is helping a lot. The education system needs to be updated to keep up with technology. The education sector was badly affected during the epidemic. If a woman has a clear agenda, she can go as high as she wants. About 70% of the beneficiaries of Mudra Yojana are women. Women are getting more opportunities now than ever before and companies like Facebook are helping a lot in this.

11:10 AM, 15-Dec-2021

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10:37 AM, 15-Dec-2021

The country needs to turn grocery stores into digital stores – Isha and Aakash Ambani

The second edition of Fuel for India was launched today, December 15. Many Facebook partners attended the first session of Fuel for India 2021. This Facebook event focuses on the digital transformation of India. The second session of the event will begin at 11.35pm. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg will also attend the session. Apart from this, Aakash Ambani and Isha Ambani from Geo will also be participating in the event. This event is purely business related. CEOs of many small and large business groups in India will be participating in the event.



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