Suicide in Mandsaur: Take a video before hanging … Send to friends – Do not marry your girlfriend to someone else …

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Updated to Thursday, 28 October 2021 04:28 PM IST


A young man has committed suicide by hanging himself after being threatened by his girlfriend’s relative. Earlier she recorded a video and sent it to friends and told my girlfriend not to marry anyone.

Sunil Patidar.

Sunil Patidar.
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A young man committed suicide by hanging himself after being threatened by his girlfriend’s relative. Before committing suicide the young man took a video and sent it to his friends. Explained in detail why he was hanging out. Told friends to take care of parents. Also told his girlfriend not to marry someone else.

The incident took place in Sandalpur village under Bhanpura police station. Sunil Patidar, who lives here, committed suicide by hanging himself at home on October 25. Before he died he took a video from his mobile and sent it to friends. In the video, Sunil alleges that his girlfriend’s father and cousin are threatening to put him in a rape case. His friend Rakesh mentioned about Nilesh and cousin in the video.

Take care of my parents and yourself …

Sunil recorded the video before hanging. Malvilo said the young man was texting in the name of his friends. The young man mentioned in the video that he should take care of my parents. Girlfriend should not marry someone else. Also take care of yourself so as not to put them in a false case. The deceased Sunil is reported to have had a love affair with a girl from a nearby village. The girl’s relatives have also attacked the deceased in the past due to a love affair. The Bhanpura police station also received a complaint from both the parties. In the past too, Sunil was rescued by doctors after he tried to commit suicide by drinking poison. He was attacked on October 24. The next day he was hanged.

The family blames the police

Sunil’s family members are making allegations against the police in this case. Relatives say police have seized Sunil’s mobile. There is a lot of evidence of him on mobile‌. The deceased sent video clips separately to his three friends. Police allegedly deleted the data. TI Kamlesh Singer said the case was being investigated. He said action would be taken on the basis of the facts if they came out after the post-mortem report.



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