Shia-Sunni clashes in Pakistan: Bloody clash over forest land grab, 11 killed, 15 injured

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Updated to Tuesday, 26 October 2021 07:14 PM IST


Heavy weapons were used in a bloody clash in Kurram district. Clashes between the two factions have been going on since Monday.

Pak police

Pak police
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The hardships of the Imran government in Pakistan have not abated. Fierce fighting has now erupted between Shia and Sunni communities in the Kurram district of the tribal region in the northwestern part of the country. Eleven people have been killed and 15 injured so far in clashes since Monday. According to the ANI, the fight began over the felling of trees in the forest land and the seizure of land.

Heavy weapons were used during the bloody confrontation. Police forces were heavily deployed to restore peace in the area. Religious violence continues to rise in Pakistan. Armed Sunni Muslim groups affiliated with al-Qaeda and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan often attack Shia Muslim groups. Shiites make up about 20 percent of Pakistan’s Muslim population.

About 350 activists from Tehreek-e-Lubbock have been released

The Imran government is already facing many challenges. More than 10,000 people camped on GT Road in Lahore, along with the banned draft party Tehreek-e-Lubba (TLP). The TLP has been adamant on demands such as the release of its chief Saad Rizvi and the expulsion of the French ambassador. However, bowing to the TLP, the Imran government released 350 workers on Monday. The TLP also announced that the cases against the remaining activists would be withdrawn by Wednesday.

Religious violence has increased in Pakistan

According to a recent report, it ranks 130th in the Rule of Law Index-2021 of the Pakistan World Justice Project. There are 139 countries in this index.



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