Politics: Parliament then surrounded the Congress center on social media, asking what kind of pressure it was.

After the issue of farmers, now there is a possibility of increasing difficulties for the Central Government in relation to the Lakhimpur incident. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly. The Congress party has raised eyebrows over inflation demand and the resignation of Ajay Mishra Tenny.

Following the SIT probe report on the Lakhimpur incident, all the major opposition parties, including the Congress and the SP, launched another offensive. From the Lok Sabha to Twitter, the Congress is targeting the central government. On Wednesday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi adjourned the Lok Sabha on the resignation of Lakhimpur Violence and Home Affairs Minister Ajay Mishra, while SP and Congress MLAs created confusion on the issue on the first day of the UP Assembly. Session in Lucknow.

The Congress plans to address these two issues inside and outside Parliament during the current session. In the case of Home Minister Ajay Mishra Theni, the Congress has drawn up a strategy to keep the BJP and Modi government under constant pressure and demand his resignation. In addition, the Congress on Wednesday targeted the Modi government at the Center through a series of tweets. Congress made several tweets about inflation with #PriceRise before its main Twitter account.

“Congress responsible for rising inflation in the country: government greed and hunger over tax collection,” Congress tweeted. Retweeting a piece of news, Rahul Gandhi wrote – ‘New India’, the new name of inflation ‘Tax collection!’

“Wholesale inflation has been steadily rising since January 2021, and since April, the wholesale price index (WPI) inflation rate has been double for eight consecutive months. All this is anti-government hand.”

Even if the retail or wholesale inflation rises, the pockets of the common people are being emptied. Looking at the rising inflation, it seems that the people will no longer have pockets.

“As time went on it became more and more clear that the single and sole tax life for rising inflation was due to the government and its greed.”

Retweeting the Times of India news, the Congress tweeted, “Another” master‌stroke “, another record-breaking, WPI has now reached a 12-year high. Wow Modi ji wow.”

Following this, Union Home Affairs Minister Ajay Mishra made several tweets with #theni_co_job_caro demanding his resignation. “The love shown by Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah towards Ajay Mishra will never be forgotten or forgiven by the people,” the Congress wrote.

“The actions of the eminent Home Minister Ajay Mishra are still under threat. What message do PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah want to send without sacking him?” “Yeah, it’s kind of stressful, it’s Tony’s defense.”



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