Philosophy: ‘Life is black or white, there’s nothing like 50-60 percent here’, says Romil Bartwell, conqueror of Everest


Retired Lieutenant Colonel Romil Bertwal, who conquered Everest .. said in Amar Ujala’s office that if you want to do anything in life you have to do it with full dedication.

Romil Bartwall narrated the story.

Romil Bartwall narrated the story.
– Photo: Amar Ujala

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Discipline is very important in life. If you have a goal, achieve it by all means. Do not leave it incomplete, because life is black or white. 50-60 percent nothing happens here. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Romil Bertwal, who conquered Everest, made the remarks at the office of Amar Ujala. In fact, he explained the philosophy of living life through his words.

… when the officer learns a new lesson from swearing

During the conversation, Romil Bartwall narrated a story about his life. He said that once when he was in the Army his senior phoned him and asked for a job status report assigned to him. Romil replied that the work was almost 60 percent complete. The enraged senior rebuked him. After this, Romil received another life lesson that 50 or 60 percent of his life would not happen. Here it is black or white. This means that in life work must be done or not done, but half-finished work should never be done.

Talking for a long time with the dead

The retired lieutenant colonel, on his way back from the conquest of Everest, also narrated an incident with him, which shocked everyone in the meeting hall. Romil said he was returning with his teammates after hoisting the tricolor flag on Everest. On the way a young man was seen sitting in the snow. Romil felt that the young man was sitting tired. In such a situation, he reached out to the young man and began to explain that sitting too long in the snow was fatal to him. His body may stop working. No matter how much advice was given the young man could not sleep and Romil carefully examined him and found that he was dead. In fact the young man died of a severe cold three days ago while sitting there. While climbing and descending Everest, bodies were found all around, Romil said. At that time he saw about 250 bodies.

Discipline is very important in life

According to Romil, if you want to do anything in life, you have to do it with complete dedication. He said that conquering Everest was like my dream, but it was very difficult. Family members were not ready. Our mom also cries when I go to Everest, but I focus on my dream and explain it to the family. Similarly now I am also explaining about discipline to my children. As a result, fast food, etc. were completely banned in my house. However, with the child’s choice in mind, the 6th of every month is set as Cheat Day. Romil says about climbing Everest .. just because I climbed Everest does not mean I have never encountered failure. I have failed many times in my career, but always keep moving forward with my goal in mind.



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