Petrol pump: Nitin Gadkari said petrol pumps could be opened at Dhabas along the national highway.

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The next time you stop at a small dump for tea, water or food while traveling on the highway, you will be able to refuel your car there as well. Find out what Nitin Gadkari’s reference is.


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The next time you stop at a small dump for tea, water or food while traveling on the highway, you are likely to be able to refuel your car as well. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has asked ministry officials to work on a proposal to allow dabba owners to build petrol pumps.

At a recent event, Gadkari explained how fuel stations in Dhabala have many benefits for dabba owners and motorists. Gadkari said in the morning, I had told MORTH officials that small landowners should also be allowed on national highways, just as the NHO had given permission for NHAI petrol pumps. For construction of petrol pumps and toilets on the shore.

An additional source of income

The move could add to the network of fuel stations on the country’s highways and become an additional source of income for such dabba owners. However, Gadkari did not mention the setting up of electric vehicle charging stations here at this time. But this phase could lay the foundation for such facilities in the coming period. This can significantly reduce the driving range concerns of electric vehicle owners.

The need for more facilities on open roads will increase as the national highway network in the country grows significantly and will grow by another 2 lakh km in the next four years.

At the same time, arguing for green hydrogen as a fuel for transportation, Gadkari said India should be a country that is not dependent on petrol and diesel imports. Gadkari lamented at a recent event that some countries were promoting economic terrorism by selling petrol and diesel.



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