Pakistan: Tension from TLP tour in Islamabad, Rangers surround capital

Tensions have risen in the area since its capital, Cochin, after the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) party killed eight people, including four policemen, in a violent demonstration on Wednesday.

Home Minister Sheikh Rashid has authorized the Punjab government to deploy Rangers across the state for the next 60 days. On the other hand, the government has said that militant TLP activists will be treated as terrorists rather than leaders of religious or political parties.

TLP activists are demanding that the Pakistani government release their leader Saad Rizvi and expel the French ambassador from the country, as he has drawn a cartoon on his religious leader in France. Violence erupted on Wednesday night as part of the Long March on these demands, killing eight people.

Deployed Rangers in Islamabad. The entry of army and police employees into the capital will be suspended. After the cabinet meeting, Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chowdhury said, “We will look at the TLP in the same way as we treat terrorist groups.”

TLP is not tolerated and is alleged to be funded by Indian groups
The TLP, which is already banned in Pakistan, is considered a religious political party, but the government, which used AK-47s and explosives in its violent demonstration on Wednesday, has opened a front against its workers.

Minister Fawad Chowdhury said there was no tolerance for militant TLP activists to travel to the capital. The minister alleged that some sections in India were funding the TLP. The group is defaming Pakistan on social media. However, he did not name the group.

Metro bus and mobile phone closed in Islamabad-Rawalpindi
On Wednesday, the GT road in Sadhuki area near Lahore was already blocked with containers. The process of setting up containers and barriers at the entrance and exit of Islamabad and Rawalpindi started from Tuesday evening.

Faizabad Chowk, which now connects the two cities, has been completely closed and containers have also been placed on Marri Road, the main road to Rawalpindi. A large number of Rangers were deployed in both cities. Metro bus service, decided to discontinue mobile phone services.

Traffic jam due to protesters, trains canceled
About 4,000 activists of the banned TLP left Kamokeni and reached Gujranwala on Thursday. Due to the protest rally, there was a jam on both sides of the GT road in Gujranwala and people continued to face the jam on the way. Meanwhile, rangers and police took the lead on the Chenab River and Wazirabad border. Pakistan Railways has also canceled three trains between Lahore and Rawalpindi due to deteriorating conditions.



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