Money laundering case: Sukesh and Nora Fatehila chat revealed, they both talked about this luxury car

Nora Fatehi – Photo: Instagram

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi are in the news in a money laundering case. Sukesh Chandrasekhar and others in the Financial Crimes Unit (EWW) of the Delhi Police have been charged with criminal conspiracy, fraud and a fine of about Rs. 200 crore extortion case. New things are coming to light every day in this case. In addition to the expensive gifts Jacqueline and Nora received from Sukesh, a chat between Nora and Sukesh also came on screen, in which the two were talking about the gift.

Nora Fatehi – Photo: Instagram / norafatehi

Nora and Sukesh’s chat survives

Sukesh Chandrasekhar Nora Fatehini asked about the Range Rover car- “Do you like it?” Nora to it “Yes, this is a good rough use car. It’s very beautiful, this is a statement car. Sukesh messaged it -” I’ll show you more options. “

Nora Fatehi – Photo: Instagram

In another conversation, Sukesh Chandrasekhar wrote to Nora Fatehi, “I would be very grateful if you could talk for a minute. I hope you do not think why I gave you this gift. I want to point out that it was not given for any purpose, but when you like someone, you give them a gift, because there is nothing more. “

Nora Fatehi – Photo: Instagram

Nora was also sent multiple summons throughout. Not only that, the ED’s chargesheet refuted all of Nora Fatehi’s claims. According to the chargesheet, colorful Mood Sukesh Chandrasekhar gifted Nora Fatehi crores of rupees in cash, a BMW car and an iPhone. According to the agency, Chandrasekhar gave Fatehi Rs 75 lakh instead of a BMW car.

Sukesh Chandrasekhar with Jacqueline Fernandez – Photo: Social Media

The entire charge sheet has been filed in the Rs 200 crore recovery case from Tihar Jail in Delhi. Eady also recorded Jacqueline’s testimony under the Anti-Money Laundering Act. Former Ranbaxy promoters Shivinder Singh and Malwinder Singh’s wife have been paid Rs. The Delhi Police Financial Crimes Unit had earlier registered a case against Chandrasekhar for defrauding him of Rs 200 crore. Khai’s name appeared on the screen after the trial.



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