Madhya Pradesh: An 8th class student was taking an online class on a charging box mobile and his face was badly burnt due to a battery explosion.

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Friday, 17 December 2021 Updated to 1:50 PM IST


An 8th class student in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh is taking an online class charging his mobile. At this point the battery exploded. This caused the student’s face to burn badly.

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Online class from mobile is mandatory, but prolonged use can be fatal if engaged in charging. An 8th class student in Satna attends an online class on mobile. Mobile‌ exploded in this order. The student’s face was severely burned. He was rushed to the district hospital in Satna and later shifted to Jabalpur.

According to reports, the incident took place at Chadkuya village in Nagaur tehsil of Satna district. Ramprakash’s father Bhanuprasad Baduria, 15, is an 8th grader in a private school. Attended an online class at the school on Thursday afternoon. The mobile was also charged at this time. At the same time the mobile phone exploded. This caused severe bleeding from the student’s mouth and nose. The family members took him to Nagod Community Health Center, from where he was sent to Satna District Hospital. He was shifted to Jabalpur as the situation was critical. Doctors say the student’s mouth and nose were completely ruptured.

Family in shock

Bhanuprasad said his son attends online classes every day. He also studies at home on Thursday afternoons. There was a loud bang. When all the family members ran towards his room, he was lying unconscious. Nagod is referred to as Satna and then to Jabalpur. The nose and mouth are completely ruptured.



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