Kovid 19 deaths today: 805 deaths in last 24 hours in the country, 14,348 new cases come to light

Between festivals, cases of corona infection have started to rise again in some states of the country. Corona cases have increased in Jharkhand and Odisha, including Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The number of deaths due to infection is increasing. However, corona cases declined on a daily basis on Friday compared to Thursday. In the last 24 hours, 2,000 corona cases dropped to 14,348 new cases, according to data released by the Ministry of Health. At the same time, 805 people died during this period. 13,198 patients returned home from hospitals after recovery.

There are now 1,61,334 active corona patients left in India. The total number of infected patients increased to 3,42,46,157. Apart from this, the number of those who recovered reached 3,36,27,632. At the same time, the total death toll in the country rose to 4,57,191. Apart from this, the total number of vaccines so far is 1,04,82,00,966.



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