Kohli-Ganguly controversy: Gavaskar says Ganguly should come out publicly about Kohli, he has all the answers

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Gavaskar said the BCCI should learn lessons from this and keep the communication facility in good condition. It maintains a good relationship between the players and the board.

Sourav Ganguly and Virat Kohli

Sourav Ganguly and Virat Kohli
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Former India captain and veteran batsman Sunil Gavaskar has made a big statement on the affair of Virat Kohli and Sunil Gavaskar. The BCCI was asked to respond to the statement made by Kohli on Wednesday. Ganguly should also come out on this issue as it is known that there is a difference between the statements of Kohli and the BCCI President.

What Kohli said about T20 captaincy.

After Kohli relinquished the T20 format captaincy, Ganguly made a statement asking the BCCI superstar batsman to reconsider the decision. Kohli, however, said on Wednesday that no one had tried to remove him from the captaincy and that the BCCI had happily accepted his resignation.

That is the question Ganguly has to ask

Gavaskar told India Today that Kohli’s statement did not keep the entire BCCI in the dock. Without mentioning the name of Sourav Ganguly, I think only one person should be questioned on this matter. He should ask himself when the message was sent to Kohli. This is the only thing.

Ganguly is the best option to answer

Gavaskar said that Ganguly was the BCCI president and would definitely ask him a question. I think he is the best person to answer. He can well rebut the Indian captain’s statements. Kohli’s statements on Wednesday exposed the controversy between him and the BCCI.

Gavaskar supports BCCI

Kohli said he had no plans to step down from the ODI captaincy. An hour and a half before selecting the team for the South Africa tour I was informed about this and that too in a regular call. Gavaskar said he was not harmed by the information.

The selectors made no mistake

Gavaskar said – What is the controversy here? If the chief selector calls you and says we do not want to be the ODI captain then it is a mistake. Everything is fine. Freedom of choice rests solely with the selectors. The captain was simply included as an informer.

The BCCI should learn from this

Gavaskar said the BCCI should learn a lesson from this and maintain good communication facilities. It maintains a good relationship between the players and the board. The same thing happened as before. Now the selector should come out and tell us why the players were selected and why they were not selected. The release of Prius can also fix things.



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