Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise Time Live Updates: When and in what city does the Karwa Chowt moon appear today?

04:33 PM, 24-Oct-2021

Moonrise time in 20 major cities

Karwa Chowt Moonrise Time (Karwa Chowt Chand Nikalne Ka Time Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise Time)

1- Delhi: 08 to 08 minutes

2-Noida: 08:07 minutes

3- Mumbai 08:47 minutes

4- Lucknow: 07:56 minutes

5- Patna: 07:42 minutes

6-Panipat: 08 to 11 minutes

7-Aligarh: 08 to 06 minutes

8-Agra: 08 to 07 minutes

9- Sweet: 08 to 08 minutes

10- Kolkata: 07 to 36 minutes

11- Dehradun: 8:03 am

12: Bareilly: 07:59 minutes

13- Gorakhpur: 07 to 47 minutes

14- Kanpur: 08 to 39 minutes

15- Prayagraj: 07:56 minutes

16- Jaipur: 08 to 05 minutes

17-Indoor: 08:26 minutes

18- Jaipur – 08:06 pm

19- Bhopal – 08:19 pm

20- Chandigarh- Evening 08:04

04:15 PM, 24-Oct-2021

If the moon does not appear when the weather is bad, worship like this

Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise Time: Similar situations occur in many places when the moon is not visible due to adverse weather. Then during the moonrise given in the calendar, you can face the direction of the moon’s exit and take the name of the moon in your mind and submit the meaning. By doing so your fasting will not be incomplete and there will be no error.

04:05 PM, 24-October-2021

Karwa Chowt is an auspicious time for worship

Karwa Chowt 2021 Puja Muhurta Time: Today, the auspicious time for Karwa Chowt Puja is from 05:43 to 06:50 pm. Other than that, it is from 07:20 pm to 08:50 pm.

03:55 PM, 24-October-2021

Karwa Chowt 2021: When will the moon appear in major cities of Uttar Pradesh today?

Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise Time Today: As time goes on the time of worshiping Karwa Chowt and the moon is approaching. However, the Badals set up camp in and around Delhi. It remains to be seen whether the moon will appear in the evening under such conditions. In such a situation, let us find out at what time the moon rises in the major cities of Uttar Pradesh according to the Hindu calendar.

Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise in Lucknow Time: The Karwa Chowt moon will appear in Lucknow at 07:56 hrs.

Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise time in Agra: Moon departure time in Agra 08:07.

Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise at Mathura: The moon will appear at 08.08 in Mathura.

Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise time in Noida: 08:07 PM

Moonrise Time at Karwa Chowt 2021 Ghaziabad: 08:07 minutes

Moonrise Time at Karwa Chowt 2021 Kanpur: 08 Bajkar 11 minutes

Moonrise time at Karwa Chowt 2021 Prayagaraj: 07:55 PM

Moonrise time at Karwa Chowt 2021 Meerut: 08 to 04 minutes

02:55 PM, 24-Oct-2021

Discover the importance of lamp and sieve on Karwa Chowt

Aaj Karwa Chowt Par Chand Kiss Time Per Nickley: On the day of Karwa Chowt, if it is of utmost importance to anyone, it is the sighting of the moon, adoring Karvamata and after sifting through the moon at night, offering meaning to her husband and wishing her longevity and good fortune. Apart from this, the lamp is also of special importance.

According to the scriptures, fire is the changed form of the sun on earth. It is believed that worshiping as a witness in the presence of the god of fire is certainly successful. Light is also a symbol of wisdom, ‘God’ pervading everywhere in the form of light and wisdom. With access to knowledge, the mental disorders of ignorance will disappear and the hardships of life will disappear. By lighting the lamp the negativity is removed and the concentration in the puja is increased.

Apart from that some women put a lamp in the sieve and look at the moon and see the face of the husband. The reason for this is related to the story of Veervati told in Karwa Chowdhury. Seeing that sister Virvati was hungry, her brothers made a moon by putting a lamp in a sieve under a tree before the moon came out and the sister broke the fast.

02:45 PM, 24-Oct-2021

The weather in Delhi NCR has changed and the sky is overcast

Aaj Chand Kiss Time for Niklega: Everyone is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the moon this evening. However at this time there is cloud cover in Delhi NCR. In such a situation, will the moon appear in Karwa Chowdhury?

02:21 PM, 24-October-2021

When does the moon come in Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad?

Aaj Chand Kiss Time for Niklega: Now just a few hours later, the Karwa Chowt 2021 pooja begins. After the pooja, all the married women look forward to the moon singing the story and song of Karva Mata. Let us know at what time the moon rises in the country’s capital and its surrounding areas.

1- Delhi: 08:08 minutes (Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise Time in Delhi)

2-Noida: 08:07 minutes (Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise in Noida)

3- Ghaziabad: 08 to 07 minutes (Moonrise time at Karwa Chowt 2021 Ghaziabad)

01:31 PM, 24-October-2021

Mantra that gives meaning to the moon on Karwa Chowt

Aaj Chand Kiss Time for Nikle 2021: According to the scriptures, this festival cannot be fully considered without seeing the moon in the Karwa Chowt fasting worship and Arghya offering. In such a situation, the moon will come out at 08:07 pm. After seeing the moon, while offering meaning to them, be sure to chant this mantra.

Chandradev Arghya Mantra: (Karwa Chowt 2021 Chandra Arghya Mantra)

Jyotsnapate namastubhyam namaste jyotishampateh namaste rohinikantam ardha me pratigrahatam.

Om Somaya Namah:

Om Rohinikantaya Namah

Om Chandramse Nam:

Kshirodarnava Sambhutam Atrinetra Samudbhava Grahanardhyam Sashankemam Rohinyamsahitomam

01:04 PM, 24-Oct-2021

Karwa Chowt Moonrise time

Aaj karwa chaut par chand nikalne ka time

Moonrise Time in Aligarh: (Curva Chowt 2021 Moonrise Time in Aligarh): 08:06 minutes.

Moon viewing time in Agra: (Curva Chowt 2021 Moonrise time in Agra): 08:07 minutes.

Moonrise Time in Mathura: (Curva Chowt 2021 Moonrise Time in Mathura): 08:08 min

Karwa Chowt Moonrise Time in Kolkata: (Curva Chowt 2021 Moonrise Time in Kolkata): 07:36 minutes.

12:54 PM, 24-October-2021

The moon can be seen in these 4 cities at this time

The moon will rise in Indore, Jaipur, Bhopal and Chandigarh at this time of the evening.

Indore- Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise time in Indore- 08:26 pm

Jaipur- Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise time in Jaipur- 08:06 pm

Bhopal- Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise time in Bhopal- 08:19 pm

Chandigarh- Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise Time in Chandigarh- 08:04 pm

12:05 PM, 24-October-2021

Why do we see the moon in a sieve in Karwa Chowt?

One day after fasting and the moon rises, married women see the moon through a sieve. According to legends, once upon a time there was a good guru named Veeravati who used to fast at Karwa Chowdhury. Veeravati, who was starving, could not bear the situation of the brothers. Out, give meaning ‘. Seeing the false moon, the sister broke her fast and her husband died. The brave Veervati kept her dead husband safe with her love and faith. The following year, on the day of Karwa Chowt, she fasted. Chaut Mata was happy with her husband ever since the tradition of sifting the moon continues to this day.

11:05 AM, 24-Oct-2021

According to the zodiac, which color sari is best worn at Karwa Chowt?

Karwa Chowt 2021: On Karwa Chowt, married women make 16 ornaments and fast and worship throughout the day. According to astrology, if any person worships dressed according to his zodiac sign, his worship will definitely be successful. Let’s find out what to wear according to the zodiac on the occasion of Karwa Chowt.

1. Aries – Worship gold sari, lehenga or suit.

2. Taurus – It is auspicious to wear silver.

3. Gemini – Wear green clothes.

4. Cancer – lucky color is red.

5. Lion – Red, orange or gold colored clothes are considered auspicious.

6. Virgo – Wear a red, green or gold sari.

7. Libra – Wear red, gold or silver.

8. Scorpio – Red is considered the best. On this day you can worship wearing maroon or gold.

9. Sagittarius – It is better to wear sky or yellow.

10. Capricorn – Blue is considered auspicious.

11. Aquarius – Can wear blue or silver.

12. Pisces – Worship wearing yellow or gold colored clothes.

10:56 AM, 24-Oct-2021

Significance of the Moon in the constellation Karva Chauth and Rohini

The Karwa Chowt fast is considered incomplete without the sight of the moon. When the moon rises at night, worship is offered to the moon. According to astrology, the presence of the moon in the star Rohini on Karwa Chowt is considered very auspicious. Rohini is the fourth of 27 stars. The head of this star is the moon. The Moon is the most beloved of all the constellations to Rohini. The moon in the star Rohini gives maximum auspicious results.

10:39 AM, 24-Oct-2021

Special coincidence on Karwa Chowdhury

Karwa Chowt 2021 Today, five years later, once again an auspicious coincidence took place on Karwa Chowt Day. Today on Karwa Chowt, the moon is in the star Rohini, which is considered to be very sacred.

10:28 AM, 24-Oct-2021

At this time the moon comes out in these 4 cities

Find out when the moonrise is in your city this evening

Delhi- Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise time in Delhi- 08:07 pm

Noida- Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise Time in Noida- 08:06 PM

Ludhiana- Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise time in Ludhiana- 08:07 PM

Lucknow- Karwa Chowt 2021 Moonrise time in Lucknow- 07:56 pm



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