Karwa Chowt 2021: Learn about Karwa Chowt today, auspicious times, rituals and worship materials

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Today, October 24, is the Karwa Chowt festival across the country. On Karwa Chowt, married women pray for the longevity of their husbands. This scripture of Karwa Chowt is also known as Karak Chaturthi, Dasaratha Chaturthi and Sankashti Chaturthi. On this day, along with Karvamata, there is a law to worship Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. On this day, married women wait for this circumcision throughout the year. On this day, things related to honey are very important, so brides do sixteen make-up on Karwa Chowt. After hearing the story of Puja and Karwa Chowt vratham, they break their fast by offering meaning to the moon at night. Praying for her husband’s well-being and longevity, she seeks blessings. Let us know about the pooja time, moonrise time, pooja equipment and pooja procedure performed on the day of Karwa Chowt.

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Karwa Chowt Poojan Timing

Krishna Paksha Chaturthi – October 24 will start at 3:01 am

Krishna Paksha Chaturthi ends – October 25 from 5:43 am.

Karwa Chowt 2021 – Photo: Karwa Chowt 2021

Curvachouth Moonrise Timing (Curvachouth 2021 Moonrise Timing)

The moonrise will take place on October 24 at 8:12 p.m. The moon’s departure time is slightly behind in various places.

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List of Karwa Chowt Vrata Puja Material

These materials should be used for Karva Chauth Vratam Puja. Sandalwood, honey, incense, flowers, raw milk, sugar, pure ghee, yoghurt, sweets, Gangajal, Akshata (rice), vermilion, henna, mahawar, comb, bindi, chunari, bracelet, nettle, earthenware and lid, Deepak, Cotton, camphor, wheat, powdered sugar, turmeric, water bottle, yellow clay for making gauri, wooden asana, sieve, eight puris athavari, paisa and money for dakshina (charity) etc.

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Karwa Chowt Puja Rituals

  • Take a bath before sunrise on Karwa Chowt day and clean the temple after bathing.
  • After this, start fasting while performing puja and swear fasting by reciting this mantra- “Ma Sukhasaubhagya Putraputradi Susthir Sri Praptaye Kirk Chaturthi Vratmahan Karishye”
  • After this, at the place where you are going to worship Karwa Chowt, you have to make a plate with wheat and then grind rice and make a picture of Karwa.
  • After this, make eight puris and make a pudding or kheer with it and prepare a solid meal.
  • Now you have to make a statue of Gauri with yellow clay and at the same time have Ganesha sitting on her lap.
  • Now install our gauri in outpost and give her decorating items wearing red chunari.
  • Gauri Place a can of water in front of us and also keep the sniffing nose in a way that gives meaning to the moon.
  • Now worship Ganesh Gauri methodically and listen to the story of Karwa Chowt.
  • Before hearing the story, make the truth on the curve from Rowley and drop 13 dots on the curve with Rowley.
  • While listening to the story, hold 13 grains of wheat or rice in your hand and listen to the story.
  • After worshiping the moon, after seeing the moon, look at the husband through the sieve.
  • After this, drink water from the hands of the husband and start your fast.



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