J&K: Will Amit Shah accept Abdullah’s ‘challenge’, five layers of security to stop ‘target killing’


Army 15th Corps GOC Lieutenant General DP Pandey said in a statement that it was important to break the network of ‘white collar terrorists’ in the valley. This network includes people who have their own children studying in different parts of the country and in other countries. They provide support and resources to terrorist organizations. These include contractors, government officials, big businessmen and people from other classes.

Amit Shah in Jammu.

Amit Shah in Jammu.
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Union Home Minister Amit Shah discussed a plan set up by security agencies at the Raj Bhavan in Srinagar to help stop ‘target killings’ in Jammu and Kashmir. However, while Amit Shah was on his way to the meeting, former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah made a challenging statement regarding his visit. “Peace will not prevail in Kashmir until the people get full statehood. I challenge the earlier rules and regulations to come into force,” he said. He referred to ‘Article 370’. During a security review meeting at the Raj Bhavan, Shaku said the five-layer ‘security’ cordon in Kashmir would now stop the targeted killings of terrorists. The Union Home Minister was also briefed on the deployment plan of 50 companies of Central Paramilitary Forces.

Presenting a detailed report on the target murder

CAPF officials, who attended a meeting of Union Home Ministers at Raj Bhavan in Srinagar, said a detailed report on past target killings in the valley had been submitted. It has a sequence of all events. What happened, the conditions there, the weapons used in the attack, what organization the terrorist was associated with, etc. are all covered in the report. Some special points have been added to make the Army, CRPF and Jammu and Kashmir police surveillance system more effective. He told the Union Home Minister that there was excellent coordination among all the security agencies deployed in the security sector. Officers of the 15th Corps of the Army also informed Shaku about the lengthy operation with the terrorists in Poonch. Ten soldiers have been martyred so far.

Overground Workers Terrorism Factory

Amit Shah was informed of a new plan designed to catch ‘overground workers’ and ‘white collar terrorists’ in the valley. DP Pandey, GOC Lieutenant General of the Army 15th Corps in the Valley, said in a statement, “It is important to break the network of ‘white collar terrorists’ in the Valley. These include contractors, government officials, big business and other classes of people who stay behind the scenes and work as overground workers for terrorists, providing all kinds of assistance to terrorists. .

Minority community areas have been identified

This point of GOC Pandey was prominently included in the security presentation given to Amit Shah. This point is included in the five-layer defense plan. In the five-point plan, areas inhabited by minority people in the Kashmir Valley were identified. There will be a special surveillance system for their safety. According to the official, it was not appropriate to disclose it. Be aware that trained companies of BSF and CRPF are deployed in such areas. 50 battalions were approved from the center for the valley. Dozens of companies have arrived and the rest are on their way. The Central Security Forces, along with the Jammu and Kashmir Police, will intensify the search operation. Second, areas with suspicious activity are monitored by drones.

‘White collar’ men are exposed

Thirdly, there was a big change in the encounter method. The officer did not disclose the matter. However, he said the Army, CRPAF and Jammu and Kashmir police would continue their operations against the militants as before. Mention was made of the ‘white collar terrorist’ for the fourth point. As it was discovered by the intelligence and investigative agencies, a special team consisting of central agencies and the JKP was formed. Terrorist sympathizers in government departments have devised a plan to remove the mask on the faces of employees. They are also preparing for some changes in the law for this. Just as Syed Ali Gilani’s grandson Anees-ul-Islam has been fired from his government job for his terrorist activities, other white-collar people will also be brought to the fore. Prepares a list of suspicious personnel in departments such as Department of Transportation, Forestry, Agricultural Revenue, Irrigation, Electricity. It’s helping to crack the ‘White Collar Terrorist’ network.

Particular attention in recruiting youth

The fifth point is the youth segment. Jammu and Kashmir police have told the Union Home Minister that the recruitment graph of local youth in militant outfits has dropped drastically. To this end, the Army, CAPF and Jammu and Kashmir Police have launched various programs to link the youth with various schemes. Special attention is being paid to recruitment in various forces. Incidents of stone-throwing in the valley were almost under control. Surveillance of young people involved in similar cases. Young people can also do surveillance work for security agencies. The Jammu and Kashmir government has given a separate presentation to the Union Home Minister in this regard. Describes how young people can participate in creative activities. A detailed outline of how to enlist the help of panchayats has also been prepared for this. Army, paramilitary forces and local police communicate with such youth on a weekly and monthly basis. This will increase the affiliation of the youth with the security forces and enable them to share their problems with them.



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