Japan: A princess who rejects love marries a commoner and leaves the royal family

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After a long wait, the Japanese princess married her lover. The man she married was a commoner and had nothing to do with the royal family. Because of this, Mako also had to relinquish his royal status.

Key Comoro and Princess Mako

Key Comoro and Princess Mako
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Princess Mako of Japan bids farewell to her royal family and marries a commoner she loves on Tuesday. Emperor Naruhito’s niece Mako married her boyfriend Ki Komuro. The two studied together at the International Christian University. The couple announced that they will be getting married in September 2017.

Mako now had to relinquish his royal status after marrying Cain under royal laws. She is no longer a princess, but a commoner in New York City. Mako also refused the usual $ 1.3 million payment to women who left families to marry a common man of their own free will.

The marriage was delayed due to the scandal

After their engagement, let us inform you that the marriage was delayed due to a scandal involving Mako’s mother-in-law’s money. The royal family considers this an embarrassment. Mako and Kei Komuro fell in love in 2017 when they were both in college. The marriage of the two took place in a very ordinary manner without royal etiquette.

Komuro’s mother had an altercation with her ex-fianc

When Mako announced his marriage to Komuro three years ago, it was discovered by the newspaper that there was a financial dispute between Komuro’s mother and her ex – fiance. The mother and son said they owed about $ 35,000. Komuru said the money was given as a gift rather than a loan.



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