Jammu and Kashmir trembles: Bloody game shocks everyone on Doda road, 11 killed, 15 injured

Road accident in Doda – Photo: Amar Ujala

Eleven people were killed on Thursday morning in Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir. 15 people are fighting for their lives. Eleven people were killed when a Matador fell into a ravine at Thatri in the district. Fifteen people were injured in the accident and seven of them were airlifted to Jammu. Prime Minister Narendra Modi mourned the dead in a road accident in Thatri. On behalf of PMNRF, Rs 2 lakh each will be given to the families of the victims and Rs 50,000 to the injured. Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha also expressed condolences and rushed to the hospital in the evening to consult the injured.

Matador, who was on his way to Doda, the district headquarters, from the Thatri area on Thursday morning, fell into a ditch near Suibari Karada around eight o’clock. People from the surrounding villages rushed to the spot shouting at once. Provided information to the police and the army. Army personnel immediately rushed to the scene.

Road accident in Doda – Photo: Amar Ujala

The distance from the scene to the district center is about ten kilometers. Upon receiving information about the accident, administrative officials and health department staff rushed to the scene with an ambulance. All the injured were rushed to the district hospital for treatment. Suddenly screams were heard in the hospital after the wounded arrived.

Road accident in Doda – Photo: Amar Ujala

After the incident, Union Minister Jitendra Singh spoke to DC Doda Vikas Sharma and inquired about the injured. Said to provide proper healing to the wounded.

Road accident in Doda – Photo: Amar Ujala

These people were injured in the accident

Sanjay Kumar son Santosh Kumar resident Panja, Naveed Akhtar son Ghulam Mustafa resident Talela, Neetu Devi daughter Laxman Singh resident Kurada, Vikram Singh son Gulab Chand resident Balwana, Ashok Sharma son Vidyalal resident Mad Rana, Mukesh Kumar son Sugriva Sharma, Son Mohammad Musa resident Kara, Savita Devi wife Ramesh Kumar resident Dal Mohalla, Babur Hussain son Aladista resident Talela, Rohit son Sugreev Sharma resident Balwana, Santosha Devi wife Gurudev Singh resident Prem Nagar, Poonam Devi daughter Balwant Singh resident Prem Kumar Hemraj resident Tatri, Monica Devi’s daughter Bansi Lal resident Prem Nagar, Pervez Ahmed son Khurshid Ahmed resident Arif Mohalla Tatri. The injured are being treated at the district hospital.

Road accident in Doda – Photo: Amar Ujala

Seven people were injured

Babur Hussain, Rohit, Santosha Devi, Poonam Devi, Ramesh Kumar, Monica Devi and Pervez Ahmed were airlifted and referred to Jammu.



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