Group Captain Varun Singh on his last voyage: The body reached the Byragarh Vishram Ghat in Bhopal in an army truck decorated with flowers.

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17 December 2021 11:32 AM Updated to IS


The funeral of CDS General Bipin Rawat and group captain Varun Singh, who was killed in a helicopter crash, will be held at Bairagarh Vishram Ghat in Bhopal. The final voyage began from the Military Hospital in the Army’s 3-EME Center.

Group captain Varun Singh's last voyage.

Group captain Varun Singh’s last voyage.
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Along with CDS General Bipin Rawat, group captain Varun Singh, who was the victim of a helicopter crash in Tamil Nadu, reached Bairagarh Vishram Ghat in Bhopal for his final visit. His body was transported in a truck decorated with flowers from the Army Hospital 3-EME Center to Vishram Ghat in Byragarh. Along the way, slogans like Bharat Mataki Jai and Varun Singh Amar Singh were chanted.

The body of Group Captain Varun Singh reached Bhopal around 2.30 pm on Thursday. Tributes were paid to him here. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan paid tributes to Group Captain Varun Singh at the airport. Shivraj Singh Chauhan also walked behind the truck for a long time while being taken to his house. He was accompanied by Minister Vishwas Sarang and Huzur MLA Rameshwar Sharma. Several Army officers were present on the occasion. The Chief Minister announced that a sum of Rs 1 crore would be provided to the families of the martyrs. Varun Singh, who was injured in a CDS Bipin Rawat helicopter crash on December 8 in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, died on Wednesday. Varun was admitted to a hospital in Bangalore for 7 days.

The Chief Minister said that he was paying homage to the feet of Varun Singh, the true son of Mother India and a true warrior, a symbol of courage. He is an amazing and unique warrior. He had beaten death earlier. Now they are not among us. His funeral will be conducted with full government and military formalities. That family belongs to the whole country, the whole state. Every Indian stands by that family. In addition to sending our brave warrior in honor, to preserve his memory, we discuss the company name and statue with the family. Whatever their feelings are, we will keep them in mind and take action. Amar Shaheed’s family members will also receive an honorarium of Rs 1 crore.



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