‘Did Rohit have to be dropped from the team?’, Do you know why Virat was angry with Virat at the press conference?

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“We scored 20 to 25 runs less in the match,” India captain Virat Kohli told a news conference after the loss to Pakistan.

Virat Kohli played a superb innings of 57 against Pakistan.

Virat Kohli played a brilliant 57-run innings against Pakistan.
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India captain Virat Kohli said that after the defeat against Pakistan in the 2021 T20 World Cup, the Indian team was reduced by 20 to 25 runs. This made it easier to crack the target as there was not much pressure on the Pak batsmen. “Shaheen Afridi put pressure on our batsmen. Our batting collapsed because of his spell.

When a reporter asked Virat about the team combination, Virat got angry. He said- “What do you think. I think the team I played for is the best. Will you drop anyone, get rid of Rohit Sharma. If you have any controversy, tell me now.”

Pakistan played better cricket than us

We are a team that respects the game and we are not the only ones who have not seen the direction ahead from a single game. We see each team the same way. Now let’s move forward with a positive outlook. Pakistan played better than us today. You will not win by just 10 wickets. It is important to give them credit. We tried to put pressure on him, but he played better than us. There is no guarantee that you will win every match. We scored well depending on our situation. He should be given credit for concluding this match firmly.

Normal bowling due to snow

As soon as it started to snow in Pakistan batting it did them a lot of good. Too small things can make a big difference. If we made more than 20-25 runs, we would have made a profit. But Pakistan bowling did not give us that opportunity. If we adhere to the process, we can face any situation that goes ahead. Toss also plays a key role. The T20 World Cup has always been a more intense tournament. Whatever happens to us under one team is good. Pakistan lags behind us in all areas.



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