In the fifth wave of the corona epidemic, the infection rate is increasing very rapidly. The number of infected patients in Delhi has increased nine-fold in the last 14 days. However, the number of patients on ventilator support in hospitals has doubled.

During the second wave of the corona virus, when the number of cases was the same, hospitalization and the need for a ventilator were high at that time, Delhi Health Ministry officials said. Earlier, Health Minister Satyender Jain had said in the past that despite the increase in cases, the hospital admission rate was stable, indicating that the wave had stopped. But in the opinion of experts, the wave cannot be announced to stop as the recruitment rate is stabilized.

Health Specialist Prof. Rizo M John opined that the Delhi government is currently in a bit of a hurry regarding the corona. Although it has not yet understood its boom, the government is taking its decisions one step further.

According to government figures, there were 2,716 Kovid-19 cases in Delhi on January 1 and 24,383 on January 14. Similarly, on January 1, the hospital had 247 patients, five of whom were on the ventilator (2.02 percent), and on January 14 the hospital had 2,529 patients, of whom 99 patients (3.91 percent) were on the ventilator.

Between January 1 and January 14, the number of infections increased 8.9 times, but statistics show that there has only been a doubling in the rate of Kovid patients going on ventilators. Statistics show that the growth rate of ventilator patients is much lower than that of hospital admissions, a health official said. Vovilators are needed only for Kovid patients suffering from other serious illnesses, but still need to be taken care of, the official said.

As of January 5, the number of Kovid cases was 10,655, while 5,782 patients were hospitalized, of whom only 2.81 percent (22 patients) were on ventilators. Similarly, as of January 10, 19,166 Kovid cases were reported in the city, bringing the total number of patients admitted to the hospital to 1,999, of whom only 3.25 per cent (65 patients) were on ventilators. Similarly on January 13, the number of cases was 28,867, the highest since the outbreak began. The number of patients admitted to the hospital that day was 2,424, of which 98 patients (4.04 percent) were on ventilators.


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