Corona on the rise: AY.4.2 variant cases have also surfaced in India after the UK, will the situation worsen again?

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Currently, cases of corona infection are declining in the world. India has vaccinated over 100 crore people, intensifying the fight against corona. Most people get at least one dose of the vaccine. However, more than 30 crore people are yet to be vaccinated. Meanwhile, reports indicate that a new and more infectious variant of the corona virus has been identified in some countries, raising concerns. This new variant of the corona, named AY.4.2, was first detected in the UK, and now reports of its infection are also coming to the fore in India, although the number of infected is very small.

This new variant of the corona (AY.4.2) has been claimed in many reports to be highly contagious and deadly. This variant is found in 33 countries, including India, UK, US, Russia and Israel. We will learn about this new variant of Corona in the next slides.

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Cases of new variants have also surfaced in India

Concern has increased in India in view of the epidemic of this new variant of corona. However, according to Dr Anurag Agarwal, Director, CSIR Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB), there are AY.4.2 variant cases in India, but its cases are currently less than 0.1 per cent. In some reports, this new variant has been described as more contagious, so there is a need to be very careful with it.

Although this new variant of corona is known in many countries, it is notable that the World Health Organization does not classify it as a ‘variant of anxiety’ or a ‘variant of interest’.

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The new variant is believed to be highly contagious

Scientists are studying this new variant of the corona to find out about AY.4.2, but it has been classified as a ‘variant of investigation’ in the United Kingdom due to its infection. A report published last week by the UK’s Health Protection Agency suggested that this variant be a variant of the Delta variant. According to international media reports, scientists believe this new form of corona is the most dangerous. Scientists believe this new species may be 10 percent more contagious than the original Delta variant.

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Can easily enter human cells

Based on the studies done so far, scientists say that this new variant of the corona, AY.4.2, has some mutations that make it more contagious. A222V and Y145H mutations in the spike protein of the Delta variant lead to this new variant, which allows it to easily enter human cells. Studies are underway to find out if vaccines can deceive the immune system.

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What is the condition of the corona in India?

Speaking of India, there are some cases of the new variant AY.4.2 of the Corona, but at present the situation is under control. On October 24, 14306 new corona cases were reported in the country. India has so far vaccinated over 100 crore people to keep people safe from the corona. Health experts have appealed to the public to take full precautions to prevent the corona from booming again during the festive season.


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