Controversy: Swara Bhaskar says – No one is safe in the new India, consumers have been severely trolled

Swara Bhaskar – Photo: Social Media

Swara Bhaskar once again made controversial remarks. This time she said she was scared in New India and had no security here. The voice on this statement is being heavily trolled. People also advised him to leave Hinduism.

In a tweet, Swara said- ‘Shocking, embarrassing and totally unbelievable! No one is safe in the new India … The barbaric culture of mob lynching has brought us to the point where we can be attacked for anything at any time! Scary ‘

However, after this announcement, Swara came back into the consumer target. One user wrote – Didi, how much did you get for this tweet? At the same time, another wrote – if you are afraid of India, why not go to Pakistan.

Bajrang Dal attack on Ashram-3 sets – Photo: Social Media

Swara Bhaskar was reacting to the incident where Bajrang Dal activists rioted on Sunday during the shooting of film director Prakash Jha’s web series Ashram-3. During the shooting of the series, Bajrang Dal activists forcibly entered the sets and misbehaved with director Prakash Jha.

On this occasion the workers threw ink on the director’s face. Eyewitnesses who were present at the time of the case videotaped the incident on their mobile phones. In the video that came out, Bajrang Dal activists are seen chasing team members and grabbing and attacking one of them.

Swara Bhaskar – Photo: Social Media

Earlier Swara Bhaskar had said- “It is a shame to be a Hindu!” However, after this announcement, the voice was severely trolled. In fact, on Friday, some Muslims in Gurugram chanted ‘Jai Shriram’ in front of the worshipers. This created a tense atmosphere in the area.

This is not the first time Swara has spoken on the Hindu-Muslim issue. Swara is often trolled because of his advertising. I can tell you, the FIR was also recorded on the voice because of her rhetoric.



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