Chief Imam says attacks on temples in Bangladesh are wrong, Imams around the world should condemn mosques

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Published by: Gaurav Pandey
Updated to Tuesday, 26 October 2021 10:59 PM IST


The chief imam on Tuesday criticized attacks on Hindus and temples in Bangladesh. Citing better relations between the two countries, he appealed to the Bangladeshi government to control such incidents and urged imams around the world to condemn these incidents from mosques.

Chief Imam Dr.  Imam Omar Ahmad Ilyasi

Chief Imam Dr. Imam Omar Ahmad Ilyasi
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Chief Imam Dr Imam Omar Ahmad Ilyasi said the situation in Bangladesh during Dussehra was “condemning the atrocities committed against the Hindu brothers”. I would like to say to the Chief Imam of Bangladesh that this should be condemned from all mosques. I want to tell the Bangladesh government to punish the culprits of these incidents.

He said the Bangladesh government should ensure that such incidents are not repeated under any circumstances. He said relations between Bangladesh and India have always been good. India has always had a very good attitude towards Bangladesh and its people. How can this bond be intact if they do the same?



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