Chhattisgarh: Congress leaders in support of TS Singhdev clash on stage, CM Baghel supporters create chaos

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Updated to Sunday, 24 October 2021 05:16 PM IST


Tensions are rising between supporters of Minister TS Singhdev and CM Bhupesh Baghel in the ruling Congress in Chhattisgarh. Congress leader Pawan Agarwal has been accused of attacking MLA supporters.

Congress leader Pawan Agarwal misbehaved on stage.

Congress leader Pawan Agarwal misbehaved on stage.
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Singhdev and Baghel’s supporters clashed on stage during a Congress rally in Jashpur, Chhattisgarh on Sunday. As soon as former district president Pawan Agarwal started speaking in support of Minister TS Singhdev, other leaders started pushing Mike away. There was a commotion on the stage.

In a ruckus video released by the news agency, Agarwal was speaking from the stage when a man approached him and asked him to stop the speech, but if he did not agree, he forcibly removed him. Mike pushes in the middle of the stage. Then workers from all around ran up to the stage and amidst the huge uproar, Agarwal misbehaved.

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Agarwal alleged, supporters of Kankuri MLA Was attacked by

Former Jashpur District Congress president Pawan Agarwal said, “TS Singhdev has waited 2.5 years to become the CM. Now Bhupesh Baghel seat has to be vacated. Singhdev and Baghel worked together when there was no Congress government here and it was because of them that the Congress came to power in the state today. Agarwal said that Kankuri MLA supporters attacked me while he was saying these things.

Singhdev and Baghel have been fighting for the CM post in the Chhattisgarh Congress for two and a half years. Pro-Singhdev MLAs have repeatedly met the High Command in Delhi but found no solution. Internal opposition within the party is intensifying.



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