Captain’s press conference tomorrow: Amarinder could make a big political explosion, a stir in Congress from Punjab to Delhi

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Over the past few days, senior Punjab Congress leaders have been constantly attacking Captain Amarinder for his alliance with the BJP, extension of BSF jurisdiction and Arusa Alam’s ties with the ISI. Although the captain is constantly giving tweets and answers on every issue, according to sources, he will also give his opinion on all these matters at the press conference on Wednesday.

Amarinder Singh

Amarinder Singh
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Former Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh will hold a press conference in Chandigarh on Wednesday at 11 am. He is likely to announce his new party by saying goodbye to Congress. At the same time there was a stir in the Punjab Congress after the captain’s announcement. Apart from this, the captain will also express his views on the alliance with the BJP, the extension of the BSF jurisdiction and the Arusa Alam relationship with the ISI.

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The Congress will not agree under any circumstances, conditional on the BJP

The captain was not reluctant to ally with the BJP, but the Congress did not agree. Captain Amarinder Singh’s new political party alliance with the BJP is also conditional. The problem of farmers is very important to Amarinder. He will not ally with the BJP without resolving them. On his official Facebook page, the captain wrote on his official Facebook page that the central government should first address the problems of the farmers and then discuss any political solution with the Bharatiya Janata Party. The BJP is looking for a strong leader in Punjab. In such a situation, it is becoming clear that the BJP will have to address the problems of the farmers before taking over the leadership.

Watch out for angry leaders

At the same time the captain is going to partner with the angry leaders of other parties in the new party. Many Punjab Congress leaders may also be part of the Captain’s party. There is a possibility of discontent in the Punjab Congress over the distribution of assembly tickets. If this happens then Amarinder Singh will definitely try to take advantage of this opportunity. At the same time the captain also focused on the Thaksin leaders who were angry at the SAD. Captain Amarinder Singh recently announced that many MLAs were in touch with him.

Arusa also puts it aside in writing

Meanwhile, after Deputy CM Sukhjinder Randhawa made a statement on his Pakistani friend Arusa Alam, the angry captain shared a photo of Arusa with several big political figures on Monday. Arusa and Captain have been friends for 17 years. The captain never hid his friendship with Arusa. Their friendship is discussed in a chapter in Amarinder Singh’s biography ‘Captain Amarinder Singh the People’s Maharaja’ written by renowned journalist Khushwant Singh. At a press conference on Wednesday, Captain Arusa may also present his side of the question.

The captain supported the center on the BSF issue

Former Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh has defended the Centre’s decision to increase the BSF’s jurisdiction. “Our soldiers are being killed in Kashmir,” he said. We are seeing more arms and drugs being smuggled into Punjab through Pakistan-backed terrorists. The increased presence and strength of BSF will further strengthen us. Central security forces should not be dragged into politics. Apart from this, the Punjab government is preparing to hold an assembly meeting to protest on the issue.



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