Bigg Boss 15: Jai Bhanushali came to target family members, everyone said fake

Bigg Boss 15 – Photo: Colors TV

Bigg Boss 15 has been constantly attracting the attention of the audience since its inception. Because since the beginning of this season, the audience has been watching a lot of drama at home. This third week of Bigg Boss has been a lot of bang as Bigg Boss has made an entry for everyone in the main house this week. However the family members had to pay a huge price to enter the house. During the weekend when Salman Khan took classes for many family members, Jai Bhanushali came on target of family members.

Jai Bhanushali was targeted by family members

During the weekend, Big Boss gave family members a task to determine who was the real one, 50-50 and who was the fake member of the household. Karan Kundra, Shamita Shetty and Jay Bhanushali were selected for the Housemates task while the other contestants gave a tag to everyone in the house. Karan was described by family members as the most original person, while Shamita Shetty was ranked 50-50 by the contestants.

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Jay says he is the most fake contestant

Many family members, including Pratik Sahajpal, Nishant Bhatt, Afsana Khan and Akasa Singh, appeared against Jaiki. Family members expressed concern over the task this week. Jaini in the house was targeted by everyone and called the Most Fake Contestant. Only family members Pratik Sahajpal said while targeting Jai Bhanushali that you should abide by your decision if you are so stubborn.

Colors TV – Photo: Bigg Boss15

Jai said the decision was made after seeing family members

Jai explained his opinion to the family members and said that if he was alone in the place, he would have backed out of the decision, but there were five other members behind him who deserved to be in the game without playing here. Jai said he made the decision alone, but never told anyone to give him money in his pocket.

Bigg Boss 15 – Photo: Colors TV

Tejaswi supported Jai

While many family members targeted Jaini in this task, Jai supported Jai in a different way. Tejaswi said, ‘I agree with Jai Principal. He had made that decision before but then he took the right step when he felt that somewhere somewhere people were getting caught up in this.

Salman Khan – Photo: Social Media

Jai said he would drown you in your fear

Salman Khan asked Jain, ‘What are your principles, your ideal, what is the need to take such an image saving stand? Jai responds, ‘I enjoy gambling. Salman Khan explained to Jai that by playing this game you can make a significant impact on the people and you can also save a lot of money. Advising Jaiki, Salman Khan also said ‘Don’t remove your fear, because your fear will overwhelm you’.



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