Aryan Khan drugs case: NCB responds to Rs 18 crore deal allegations – Go to court cell instead of social media

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Updated Sun, 24 October 2021 06:15 PM IST


NCB said Prabhakar was a witness in the case and the matter was now in court. If Prabhakar Saal has to mention anything in this regard, he should go to court, not on social media.

Aryan Khan Drugs Case

Aryan Khan Drugs Case
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New twists are coming to the fore in the high profile Aryan Khan drugs case. The NCB has issued a statement alleging that Prabhakar Sal, who is said to be a punch witness, had taken a deal of Rs 18 crore and signed plain papers.

NCB official Ashok Jain said that the affidavit given by Prabhakar Cell, a witness in Crime No. 94/2021, reached him through social media. In this statement, Prabhakar Cell gave details of its activities on October 2, 2021. The case, in which he is a witness, is now in court. If Prabhakar Sal has anything to say in this regard .. he should go to court instead of on social media. Many other allegations made by him in connection with the trial are also completely baseless. All these allegations by our Mumbai Zone Zonal Officer Sameer Wankhede are baseless. The allegations made by Sakshi Prabhakar Cell are being referred to the NCB Director General for further action as they are related to the investigation of the case.

Prabhakar Sail alleged that the deal was done for Rs 18 crore.

Prabhakar Sail, who claimed to be a witness in the Aryan Khan drugs case and a Goswami bodyguard, gave an affidavit this morning. Prabhakar alleged that he overheard KP Goswami and Sam D’Souza talking to each other, “You bomb me worth Rs 25 crore.” Let’s settle the deal for Rs 18 crore and give Rs 8 crore to Sameer Wankhede ‘. According to Prabhakar’s cell, Gosavi also asked him to punch him, after which the NCB got him to sign ten plain papers.

On the day of Shah Rukh Khan ‘s son Aryan Khan’s arrest in a drugs case, an unidentified man took a selfie with him and went viral. The man was identified as KP Goswami. Goswami has been on the run since he revealed his identity.



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