Amit Shah arrives at CRPF camp: Talking to jawans – Government responsibility to take care of you and your family

Home Minister Amit Shah talks to CRPF officials and jawans – Photo: ANI

Home Minister Amit Shah arrives at the CRPF camp at Letpora in Pulwama district. Shaw said terrorism was inhumane and could not be tolerated. The Modi government is pursuing a zero tolerance policy on terrorism. Once upon a time there were stone attacks in Kashmir. Today the number of such incidents has dropped significantly.

Addressing the jawans, he said, “You want to take advantage of all the benefits of the Aayushman Bharat scheme.” Soldiers receive two cards, one of which is to be kept with them and the other to be given to the family. It is the responsibility of the Government of India to take care of you and your family. You are a leader in all areas of CRPF. The opportunity to be with the jawans of all forces engaged in national security is very important to me.

He said the concerned state chief minister wanted the CRPF personnel to be available wherever elections and riots took place in the country. It is the result of your service and dedication. I am so happy to be among all of you. I pay tribute to the government and the martyrs on my behalf.

Amit Shah – Photo: Ani

During the three-day visit, Shah focused on youth, peace and security in each of his speeches. At a public meeting in Kashmir on Monday, he removed the bullet-proof glass shield fitted to his security and said he wanted to talk to you openly. The people there then chanted slogans in support of the BJP. Amit Shah said that I will talk about development later today, but I assure everyone to remove the fear from their heart. No one can stop the peace and development drive in Kashmir now. The Home Minister said that today I have come to ask the Kashmir youth, what good have those who threw stones at your hands done to you?

Amit Shah – Photo: Amar Ujala

The Home Minister said that 40,000 people had died in the valley during the 70-year rule, but the opposition has not yet condemned terrorism. Now those who disturb the peace will be punished. Some want to disrupt the development of Kashmir. Such people can never succeed.

Amit Shah – Photo: Amar Ujala

Those who talk about Pakistani want the youth here to be unemployed and they should be stoned. It continues his politics.

Amit Shah – Photo: Amar Ujala

Those who got stones and weapons in your hands are going to have to ask why they didn’t develop here. Those people will only talk to you about Pakistan. Today, every household in Kashmir has access to water and electricity.



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