Youngsters adding something new to their projects: Rudraksh Jaiswal

Young actor Rudraksh Jaiswal says that the film Extraction (2020) starring Chris Hemsworth has made him a more responsible person and serious in exploring acting skills.

Adolescent actor Rudraksh Jaiswal says the film is starring Chris Hemsworth Extraction (2020) made him a more responsible person and serious in exploring the skill of acting.

“This movie has changed my life so much. First, it’s like working with Chris Sir, Sam Sir (Hargrave, director) and others. Then, after the release people started looking at me as a good actor, so I wanted to continue that way. I have been involved in the industry since I was 10 (younger Sehdev Mahabharata) And today my career has expanded, ”he said Tenant And Rudrakal Actor.

The 18-year-old feels that actors of his age-group are bringing something new to the projects. “Youth is full of energy, which is definitely very inspiring to others around us. They have a great impact on the work they associate and carve out one of its types as a delicate type, ”he says.

Jaiswal said a lot of work is being done for teenagers in the industry. “I think there’s a good amount of work for people of all ages and this applies to actors my age as well. I’m going to act in roles my real age. Crushed, I’m pretending to be a schoolboy and I’ve been through that stage for just a few months so I was able to relate to it and see a reflection of that character in myself. In fact, I was able to play the role even more.

His last show was filmed in Lucknow. “This is my first visit to the city of the Nawabs. We came here for the shooting of this project after the second wave. We filmed extensively in the historic Colvin Tolkien College as well as other parts. We have a one month schedule and we had a wonderful experience with people, authentic language and food, ”said the actor.

Without revealing the name of his next series, he said it would explore the dark side. Juggling with acting as well as reading. “I am a graduate in Liberal Arts and gave my second semester. Currently, I am striving for a balance between study and work.

Jaiswal hails from Bhopal before moving to Chandigarh and Mumbai. “My dad is in banking, so he keeps moving, but our mom, who is a mainstay of my strength, stays with me,” the young man said.

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