Indian actor, singer, lyricist and music director Piyush Mishra He can do all of the above jobs with subtle skill while owning each project. However, we can rarely see Mishra talking about his own thoughts and feelings, his personal beliefs and struggles. But in a two-part interview with Nilesh Mishra in 2019, Mishra allowed the audience to meet not only his work but also that person. Here are four such things that Piyush Mishra shared in a chat that lasted for an hour and a half.


Speaking about his time as an alcoholic and how it affected him and his loved ones, Piyush Mishra said, “I gave my wife a world of misery, but she was very dedicated to me. I have alcohol related issues and other things as well. In general, she endured a lot. My wife Priya was very supportive of me during those difficult times. But that ‘alcohol phase’ ruined it all, and I wonder how it came out alive.

He fears for his life, but is fed up with helplessness and guilt, Piyush said, “I remember drinking beer for the first time in the 80’s … it’s called alcoholism, the medical name for this disease is A303. This is too bad. I never drink during the day, but only at nights about it. It is a social disease that will bring grief not only on you, but on everyone around you, including your wife and children. I felt so guilty, but I could not stop myself. I went to the doctors saying there was no cure for it, but in 2005 some people asked me to be a part of this organization where you have to follow these steps to get rid of this addiction gradually. If I had not asked for help at that time, I would have died by 2009-10.


Piyush, who at one time was a complete leftist, even though he did not recognize himself, said that period had taught him some valuable lessons during his life as a communist.

“Communism is an interesting thing, I really have an explosion. I was introduced to it by my friend NK Sharma. It happened a long time ago, in 1989. When Punjab was burning in ’92, I remember we went there and sang some protest songs on the road. In real life I was AK- It’s the first time I’m seen 47. I’m been with Ashish student, Shujit Sirkar, Manoj Bajpayee, Intiaz Ali.

Brain Stroke and Fantastic Recovery

Shortly after Gulal’s release, Piyush Mishra suffered a brain stroke. Doctors said he could never live life as he already knew, but due to the intervention of director Vishal Bhardwaj, Mishra is now enjoying a new life. “Shortly after Gulal’s release, I wanted to visit my wife and our relatives in America. The two of us have to go together, but since I have work to do, I told Priya, I will join her in the US. At the airport, however, my arm was shaking profusely, and I could not speak properly. I was unable to fill out my immigration form properly. Somehow he got to America and when he got there the situation was dire and he said he had a brain stroke. The doctors told me I could not talk, walk, or run again. However, my friend, filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj introduced me to a kind of healing process called Pranic Healing, and today, as it happens, I can do everything on my own, ”the actor-writer concluded.


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