Superstar in Telugu cinema. Ram Charan Rarely dropped out of the industry. Zanjeer (2013) starring Priyanka Chopra and directed by Apoorva Lakhia is an important exception. A remake of the Amitabh Bachchan classic, the film failed to replicate the original success. No Hindi film was made after that.

The actor, who played the lead role in the Pan-Indian epic RRR along with junior NTR, explained why he did not return to Hindi cinema after that one experiment. “It’s all about instinct and not that I shouldn’t do that… I watch a lot of your movies and love them. But, perhaps, it happened now with Tarak and SS Rajamouli with RRR. We are ready to make Indian films, ”he said.

However, Ram Charan opined that regional boundaries no longer matter. “RRR is a very Hindi film, it is a Telugu film, it is a pan-India film,” the actor explained, “Today, thanks to the efforts of many filmmakers, especially Rajamouli, the doors of this industry have been opened. We’re part of the film industry, the barriers have been broken, so when the opportunity arises, why not, I’ll make any film.

The actor believes that it is more important to make a proper film than the language in which it is made. “It is very important to choose the right film. We should be excited to make a film no matter how big the RRR is or any other story. ”

The theatrical release of SS Rajamouli’s RRR, which was supposed to be released on January 7, has been postponed in view of the growing Kovid-19 cases in India and the fear of the Omicron variant. The new release date of the film is yet to be announced.


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