Why did Priyanka Chopra blame Jarno for ‘contributing to films’: ‘It made me angry’

Actress Priyanka Chopra and her singer husband Nick Jonas announced the Oscar 2021 nominees in London last year. While their fans were eager to see it together on their televisions, some people were a little less happy.

Australian journalist Peter Ford questioned the qualifications of Nick and Priyanka. “These two have no disrespect, but I’m not sure if their contribution to the movies will qualify them to announce the Oscar nominees,” he wrote in a tweet. Priyanka did not take to bed. She shared a screen recording of more than 60 films being filmed below on IMDb. She wrote, “I like your thoughts on what anyone deserves. Here are my 60+ movie clues for your expert review mrpford.”

Now, in an interview with Vanity Fair, Priyanka says that this episode has upset her. “I’s not usually mad, but it’s frustrating to me,” she says.

She also talked about the recent rumors about an alleged rift between Priyanka and Nick as she decided to remove ‘Jonas’ from her name on Instagram. She refuted the rumors by pouring a rain of chic comments on Nick’s posts. However, she said that being on social media comes with risks.

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“It’s a very harmful feeling, in fact, if I post a picture, everything behind me in that picture will be zoomed in and people are going to speculate,” Priyanka said. “It simply came to our notice then. Because of the social media buzz, because of the dominance that exists in our lives, it seems so much bigger than that. In real life I think we can give it a lot more credibility and I don’t think it needs it, ”she added.

Priyanka later said that Nick had removed the surname from her name only to make her handle match what was on Twitter.

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