When Sunil Dutt plays Gulshan Grover in Rocky, his son Sanjay Dutt is his real life student

Leading actor Gulshan Grover is proud to say that he has changed the way he looks at Bollywood and casts villains. From Chander Kishan in Avatar to Kesaria Vilayati in Ram Lakhan, Grover deliberately chose negative characters to adopt the tag ‘Bad Man’. “I embellished those characters to create a brand. I changed the style of the villains. Do you think I look the same? I can not hit anyone in real life but on screen, I can scare anyone,” the Ace actor had previously told indianexpress.com.

But did you know that Gulshan Grover has stepped into movies starring as a love guru Sanjay Dutt in Rocky? In fact, Bollywood legend Sunil Dutt starred in Sanjay’s debut film for a reason.

Friendship of Gulshan Grover Sanjay Dutt Gulshan Grover and Sanjay Dutt both made their Bollywood debut in Rocky (1981). (Photo: Twitter / gulshangrovergg)

“I was an assistant to acting teacher Roshan Taneja. I used to teach with Taneja, and Sanjay Dutt was one of my students. At that time, Sunil Dutt looked at me, was very affectionate to me and then he put me on the Rocky,” Grover previously revealed.

He added it yet Sunil Dutt He wanted to go beyond what he saw between Gulshan Grover and his son Sanjay Dutt in acting school. The actor said, “Since Sanjay Dutt has shared a great friendship with me, because he has listened to me and has respect for me in real life, Dutt Sahab believes that the same attachment is also reflected on screen. My role in Rocky listening to Sanjay’s character is a love teacher. They would ask me if he meant anything.

Grover called it a “family bond” with Dats. He eventually worked Sanjay Dutt In Khatron Ke Khiladi, Kartos, Atish, Kante and other films.

Happy Birthday, ‘Bad Man’ Gulshan Grover!


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