When Shashi Kapoor recalls how Yash Chopra shot the Kashi Kabhi ‘Suhag Raat Hai’ scene

Monday marks the 89th birth anniversary of the late filmmaker Yash Chopra. Over the years, many actors have spoken highly of him, recalling his love of movies and his commitment to his work.

After his death in 2012, the late actor Shashi Kapoor was remembered for his films with Yash. Speaking to a popular daily, Shashi recalled how Yash made his actors comfortable even in the ‘Suhagrat’ scene in Kabhi Kabhi.

“While shooting his romantic saga, Kabhi Kabhie, he was at his best. Yash Chopra excelled in love themes. He captured my romantic moments with Rakhi delicately and attentively without Mukesh number Suhag Rath Hai appearing delicate or vulgar,” he said.

He also recalled a dramatic scene from Deewar in which he had to shout at Amitabh Bachchan. “In one scene, I had to shout ‘Bhai tum dastakhat karoge ya nahin’ in three octaves, one on top of the other. Here, Yash Chopra showed his skill in controlling me from going too far,” he said, referring to Amitabh, the ‘new man’ in the film. Yash believed in him enough to agree to play ‘Second Fidel’.

Kabhi Kabhie stars Shashi, Rakhi and Amitabh. It was released in 1976 and was written by Yash’s wife Pamela Chopra. Amitabh and Rakhi acted as lovers and her parents decided to break up when she arranged her match with Shashi. The film also stars Waheeda Rehman and Rishi Kapoor.

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In Deewar, Amitabh and Shashi played separated brothers. While one becomes a cop, the other takes the path to crime. The film features Salim-Javed iconic dialogues.

Yash Chopra is one of the most influential filmmakers in Bollywood. His romantic films like Chandni, thrillers like Dar and family dramas like Deewar have become classics. He worked with Shah Rukh Khan in Veer Zara and Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The second was also his last film.



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