When Shah Rukh Khan was jailed for threatening a journalist with his wedding ‘knife’, Nana Patekar released him on bail.

Actor Shahrukh Khan Has lived in Mumbai for a few years but spent his productive years in Delhi. He often talks about how the mainstream Delhi approach does not leave him, especially in tense situations.

In an interview, Shah Rukh revealed how he confronted a journalist for publishing a rumor about his affair with a co-star. Shah Rukh Khan, who was present at the Tehelka Think 2012 event, said that when he was filming Kabhi Han Kabhi Naa in 1993, it was just two years since his marriage to Gauri Khan.

Speaking to an interviewer, Shah Rukh said that Gauri was worried about marrying a movie star and now he has to worry about meeting female actors. An angry Shah Rukh called the journalist who wrote about it. Although she said it was a joke, he deafened her using the best curse words often heard on the streets of Delhi.

Shah Rukh said that he came to the journalist’s house and fought with the people. “I behaved very badly. I was imprisoned. Our father-in-law gave me a knife just like in Punjabi weddings. I took the knife to the journalist’s house. Our mother – in – law, an army officer, said, ‘Son, you have to protect my daughter.’ But I thought it was a good weapon, it was sanctioned by the Indian Army, ”he said.

At home, he met a young man and stabbed him in the legs with a ‘knife’, which was actually ‘kukri’, a type of dagger. He came back after the incident and Kabhi Han Kabhi returned to my sets. A day later, some police arrived and took him to the station.

At the station, he arrived with his stellar swagger, but a senior officer scolded him for trying to sit in a chair. “Byto nahi! Khade raho vahan pay (do not sit. Just stand there), ”At that moment the officer with Shah Rukh really lost his mother. Since he was brought in after 6pm, he did not even get bail.

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Shah Rukh was allowed to make a phone call, but instead of asking someone for help, he called the same person and told him to be careful what to do after he left. “Saleh Ab Toh Jail Bhi Chala Gaya Hu. Ab to nickel ke aur tereka kath ke jaga (for which I even went to jail. Now I will come out and cut you off), ”he told the man on the phone.

Shah Rukh took revenge on his mind but could not get it. He was ‘very upset with the wife’ so he decided to leave it all. He said actor Nana Patekar had released himself from jail.

Shah Rukh Khan and Nana co-starred in King Ban Gaya Gentleman, released in 1992 and directed by Ajuz Mirza.



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