When Sameera Reddy asked her father about covering his white hair: Freedom is liberating

Actor Sameera Reddy is actively campaigning Body positivity over the past few years, She shared a conversation with her father on social media about getting her hair done. Her father, who was worried about people ‘judging her’, asked the actor why she was not covering her white hair, to which Sameera responded that she no longer had to worry about her look.

Sharing the photos on Instagram, Sameera wrote, “Dad asked me why I don’t cover my white hair. He was worried about people judging me. I replied ‘So if they do … does that mean I’m old? Not pretty? Not styled? Not attractive? ‘I told him, I was not as worried about it as before and that freedom was liberating. “

She said she had previously planned to dye her hair every two weeks to prevent white hair from appearing. However, now she has changed her mind. “I paint every 2 weeks so no one can catch that white line. Today, I take my own sweet time and choose the color I like. He asked me why I should be there to change the conversation? Why didn’t I tell him? I know I’m not alone. Change and acceptance begin only when thought processes break down, when we are able to be with each other, when faith naturally finds its way and is not hidden behind a mask or cover. ”Her father realized her argument.

“Our father understood. As a father I understood his concern. Every day we learn and move forward and find peace in small shifts. And those small steps take us to very big places.

Sameera Reddy married Akshay Varde in a traditional Maharashtra wedding in 2014, and the couple welcomed Hans in 2015 and Naira in 2019. In terms of work, Sameera last appeared in the 2013 Kannada film Vardhanayaka.


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