Salman Khan once recalled his first meeting with Sushmita Sen, who starred in several films with her. An old clip of his video message to Sushmita revealed that when Salman first met her, she behaved rudely with him.

Describing the incident, Salman said that he was waiting for Sushmita on the sets of what appears to be David Bowen’s BV No.1. After he arrived two hours late and introduced himself to Sushmita, she clearly responded. Salman’s video message was played on an old episode of Gina Easy Ka Nam Hai Show, hosted by the late actor Farooq Sheikh and Sushmita was the guest.

Sharing one of his memorable moments about Sushmita, Salman said: “One day I was late for sets at 11am on the first day of shooting. Sushmita Sen has been there since 9am. The moment I went to the sets and said ‘Hi Sush’ – that was the first time I met Sush – ‘Hi Sush, how are you Sush? Salman ‘. And she shakes my hand, she’s huh ‘(with her side eye) and she walks away. “

“So I asked David (Dhawan) again, ‘What’s her problem, man? Why is she giving me an attitude?’ He said, “She’s been ready for makeup here since 9 o’clock, which means she needs to get to bed by 7 o’clock. That’s not my problem. And then it was our first meeting, ”he added.

Salman, who continues to be in touch with Sushmita, spoke about her warm gesture during the filming: “One thing I really like about sitting in front of this girl is that she has a big heart. I remember when we were shooting Beavis No. 1 in Miami. You know people do that for other people’s expenses, but here, she rents a car herself and goes to a nightclub with all her staff. (She ordered) Champagne was the best and the best at dinner, and everyone was really happy. And she does a lot of these things.

Salman rolled up his video addressing Sushmita bluntly: “Okay take it easy and don’t laugh out loud or you don’t have to be emotional if you’re emotional right now.” Sushmita, laughing along the way, said, “He’s a very sweetheart.”

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Sushmita Sen and Salman Khan have also collaborated on films like Tumko Naa Bhool Payenge and Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya. During the release of the second season of Sushmita’s popular web show, Arya 2, Salman yelled at her in a post last year: “Hey wow sush, how beautiful you are. Killing it completely. You are very happy. ”


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