When Pankaj Tripathi fought back tears as he spoke of his idol, Manoj Bajpayee

Pankaj Tripathi celebrates his 45th birthday on Sunday. He is among the most sought-after actors in India, but did you know that he considers Manoj Bajpai his idol?

Updated Sep 5, 2021 at 10:52am IST

Actor Pankaj Tripathi is an inspiration to many actors now but did you know that he considers Manoj Bajpayee his idol. Last year, Pankaj appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show with Manoj and talked about his crush on him.

Manoj told host Kapil Sharma on the show that he once stayed in a hotel where Pankaj stole his slippers. Pankaj worked in the same hotel as the kitchen supervisor and had not made his acting debut yet.

Pankaj takes control of the story and reveals the real reason why his slippers were stolen. “I got a call that Manoj ji is here. I was working in the theater at the time, so the kitchen staff knew about it. I told them that whenever he asked for anything from his room, I would be the one to receive it. So I went there, meet Bhaiya,” he said “Pranam, so I’m in the theatre,” he touched his feet and left the room. Next day he checked out and left for the airport. Your Manoj Bhai has gone but left his young man here. I said don’t offer it, give it to me, he said.

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Explaining the reason, he said, “Kyun? Eklavya ki tarah agar main inke khadau mein apna paer daal lu (Why? If like Eklavya I too can put my foot in his sole)…” However, his voice broke at the moment he threw his head back He turned back to resist his tears, and Manoj hugged him and everyone clapped for their bond.

Pankaj and Manoj later worked together on Anurag Kashya’s Gangs of Wasseypur. Manoj was recently seen in Family Man Season 2 and Dial 100. Pankaj’s latest release was Mimi, where he played a taxi driver.




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