When Irrfan Khan’s performance surprised Naseeruddin Shah during Maqbool: ‘I reached out to support him and he said …’

For the generation that grew up watching Irrfan Khan, it still feels strange to mention him about the past. The actor, who is our window into a world where movies rely more on songs and dances and more on storytelling than scale, is a revelation to those growing up in the early 2000s. Irfan, on paper, has a long career, which seems too short. He did very small parts in movies and television shows in the 90s, that’s such films Hasil And Maqbool, It marked the beginning of his career in cinema. Vishal Bhardwaj’s Maqbool, Macbeth’s Indian adaptation, made Irfan sit up and watch. In the role of Mian Maqbool, Irrfan stole the show in a film starring Pankaj Kapoor, Tabu, Om Puri and Naseeruddin Shah. But did you know that Irfan is not the first choice for this role?

Irfan Khan: Aseem Chabra’s biography on the late actor The Man, The Dreamer, The Star says that before Irfan, KK Menon was offered the role and at one point Kamal Haasan was also mixed. Naseeruddin Shah, who is already on the board, vetoed it. “Look, if you’ve talking to him, I’m out,” Shah shared with Azeem. Irfan, who has been around for a while, had the opportunity to adapt this Shakespeare who was looking for his big break, thanks to his work in Hasil. Irfan narrates his casting story on the Anupam Kher show on Colors. Vishal made me act after watching the movie Hasil.

Irrfan Khan Tabu, Irrfan Khan and director Vishal Bhardwaj on Maqbool sets. (Photo: Express Archives)

Irfan recalls that his children went to the same school at that time and when an opportunity arose, Irfan asked Vishal to see Hasil. “I was expecting him to call me after watching the movie,” he said. The next day, I called him so he said I was going to call you. Then he said, ‘Main Macbeth Bana Raha Han‘(I’m making Macbeth). “Later, Naseeruddin Shah called Irfan Casting a” masterstroke “.

When Naseeruddin Shah wrote a memoir in Irfan’s memory for The Indian Express, actor Irfan described his acting scene as hanging between real life and fiction. “The film has a scene between Maqbool and Kaka played by Piyush Mishra. This is a scene from the famous Shakespearean encounter with Macbeth over Banco’s ghost at dinner. In Maqbool, Irfan kneels in grief and opens his eyes to the corpse when Kaka brings the corpse to the pile. While we were rehearsing the scene, Piyush was lying on the pyre. Irfan sat next to him and I stood behind him. I did not understand that the rehearsal had begun. After a while, Irfan fell backwards. I reached out to support him. I guess he lost his balance. Ankhen (peacock feather-shaped eyes) turned to me as Ismat Chughtai described Sadat Hassan Manto’s eyes: “Nasir bhai, I’m trying to act. Why are you helping me? “I never thought I would see an actor’s performance and think it’s real,” he wrote.

For Irfan, Maqbool is the opportunity he has been waiting for so long. “It seemed to me that the opportunity to star in a love story that I was so eagerly awaiting was coming. To me his ambition story is secondary. I never stressed on it. To me it was the story of Nimmi and Maqbool; It happened as Shakespeare, “he said in an interview with Rediff. Maqbool was the first of Bhardwaj’s Shakespeare films and for Irfan it was the first major success and milestone in his career. “The Maqbool thing is, I don’t need to change myself. And the chemistry between Maqbool and Nimmi is something. I do not think I have seen or done such a thing, so I do not need to change myself, ”Irfan shared with Shekhar Gupta on Walk the Talk.

Maqbool has started a new chapter in his career for Irrfan Khan. After this film and Haasil (both released in 2003) Irfan became known as the actor who was going to challenge Bollywood’s star system and did so!



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