Farah Khan’s mouth is not fluffy. Choreographer-Director I.She was loved by the fans And close friends from the industry, because of her sincere and unfiltered humor. Tell her she has no objection to hiring Hrithik Roshan as nanny for her children or Karan Johar observing or not observing a ‘2 minute silence’ for personal life – Farah Unexpectedly she And made it clear that she was not near to please anyone. Her films like Mai Ho Naa and Om Shanti Om have her extraordinary humor. She is known to be very tough and even Amitabh Bachchan once had to face the more tough side of filmmaking.

In fact, in the Kaun Banega Crorepati episode, host Amitabh Bachchan revealed that he did not even leave Farah. In the episode, Deepika Padukone, who participated in the Bachchan show, asked, “Did Farah ever curse you on set?” He asked. She said, “When will she not curse?” Farah complained, “This is not right!” Bachchan later said, “I heard you scolding me a lot. There is this song that we have to choreograph, me and Abhishek, there we have to carry a hat and then throw it on our head. No matter how much we practiced, it never fell right in my head. She scolded me, ‘Hey tell me right, who do you think you are?’ Farah Khan interrupted him and said, “I am telling that thing to Abhishek!” Bachchan responds, “But his hat is falling right off!” Farah asked, “Now do you finally understand correctly?”

Farah Khan is not afraid of trolls and this was revealed in the Arbaaz Khan show pinch episode. Turning to those who call themselves fat, he said, “It is very easy to call someone Moti (fat). You give birth to three children, and then tell me. Farah promised to take his revenge and share videos of himself working on the leopard. Last year, she called celebrities who were posting their exercise videos during a coronavirus lockdown, especially during emigration. She was severely trolled for it, but she got bored with it and continued her attitude.

I hope here that she will be honest, candid and fun for her to come for decades to come. Happy Birthday, Farah Khan!


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