When Emperor Mithun warned a filmmaker: ‘If you say anything about Bengalis, the geography of your face will change’

Biography of the newly launched Mithun Chakraborty by Ram Kamal Mukherjee, Mithun Chakraborty: Bollywood Dada Through form publication, attempts to highlight the journey and success of dancing star and Hindi film star Mithun Chakraborty, Mithun is affectionately known by his adoring fans.

Every person has insecurities, and if they are not there, some of them are given sources by others’ perception of us. The same thing happened to Emperor Mithun. In the summary of the biography, Mithun recalls how he was properly written by the film industry long before he started.

“It’s my color, my texture, everything. People just wrote me. I could not change my complexion and it actually started to give me a complex. I have a good body and I am better for tribal characters,” Mithun said. Once again, Mithun approached the filmmaker He went and humbly asked for a job as an actor.However, the producer was not impressed and at the time asked, “Apna chehra dekha hai aine mein?

These were not some of the most wonderful moments in the actor’s life, but it happened to him many times in the early stages of his career. As mentioned in the book, once upon a time, another filmmaker Gemini was challenged to dance, But when the actor started dancing in his asymmetrical style, the record was closed and the producer said, “I know that Bengalis cannot dance. They can wear dhoti, but not dance. Song and dance are not something you can do. ”

This crushed Gemini so much that he went to the filmmaker and said, “If you dare to say another word about Bengalis, I will change the geography of your face.”

Mithun Chakraborty made his Hindi film debut in 1976 with Mrigaya. Has not looked back for him since. He has won three national awards, last appearing in Ram Gopal Varma’s recently released 12 ‘O’ Clock.

(Excerpt Credit: Rupa Publication)


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