Actress Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol give a brief overview of their love story with the YouTube show Couple of Things. In the tenth episode of the show, the couple interacted with their family members and shared their first impressions of each other. The video features RJ Anmol’s parents and sister Ankita Sood and Amrita Rao’s sister Preetika Rao. When the video started, Anmol’s mother agreed that she wanted a cousin like Poonam from the wedding. Interestingly, this role was played by Amrita Rao.

“We saw the wedding with our whole family. Poonam’s character had such an impact on me. Remember he told Anmol to bring his cousin like himself. I think Saraswati Devi blessed me when I told my son that I had earned Poonam as my daughter-in-law, ”Anmol’s mother said in the video. The character of Amrita Poonam has remained in the memories of the fans. She is still tied to the character.

Amrita Rao’s mother talks about how the actor is a housewife, but while dating Anmol, she would sneak out in the middle of the night. Amrita recalls that for a time her mother chased her to see what she was doing cooking. “I remember one day my mother followed me to the elevator. She asked ‘Where are you going?’ I am very conscious. I said, ‘Am I free? Did I not walk down the compound? ‘ This is my situation. It is very difficult, ”Amrita recalled. Immediately, she commented, “People think of me as a heroine. I should be free. It’s not like that. My parents were very strict. ”

RJ Anmol’s father recalled that their affair was so obvious that even legendary actor Dev Anand could sense that something was going on between the two. “The screening for Jewel Thief is Ye Hua Tha. (It happened during the Jewel Thief screening) “he recalled,” we were standing away. Amrita came to Dev Saab (Sir) for her autograph. Dev Saab speculated that something was going on. He said to Anmol, ‘Something is fishy, ​​I feel that way. ” We observed them very carefully. They felt they had not been noticed. Anmol and Amrita first met in 2009 during the Jewel Thief special screening. It was hosted by Radio Mirchi.

Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol got married on May 15, 2016 after seven years of dating. Both were blessed with their first child Veer in 2020.


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