A few days after the singer and composer tested positive for Kovid-19 Vishal Dadlani He shared on social media on Saturday morning that his father Moti Dadlani had died.

Sharing a photo of his father, Vishal wrote, “Last night I lost my best friend, the best and kindest man on earth. I can not ask a good father or good man to be my teacher for the rest of my life. Any good in me is only a pale reflection of him.

He shared that he could not stay next to his ailing father because of his Kovid-19 diagnosis or could not comfort his grieving mother. He wrote, “He has been in the ICU for the last 3/4 days, but I have not been able to go since yesterday because I tested positive for Kovid. I can not even go to catch my mother at the most difficult time. It’s not really fair. I do not know how to live in a world without him. I was completely devastated. “

Vishal, on Friday, shared a shot of his test kit and wrote, “This is someone who contacted me last week or 10 days. Sadly, despite all the precautions, I tested Kovid positive.


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