Timur Ali Khan, deceived by a Turkish ice cream vendor, is shaking his head at a beautiful video he has not seen. See

He may be only five years old but Timur Ali Khan, son of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan is already a star in his own right. In a recent untitled video that appeared online, little Timur saw a Turkish ice cream vendor struggling to catch an ice cream cone.

In a video never seen before on the fan club social media, Timur can be seen dealing with a Turkish ice cream vendor. The seller is trying to trick Timur into delivering the cone with his signature style.

While the seller continues to deceive Timur, handing him only the cone without the scoop, the little one feels annoyed and shakes his head at the seller. At this point, the seller presents the Chhota Nawab with a large scoop of ice cream, from which he smiles.

The video saw many social media users commenting on heart emojis and expressing their admiration for him. The undated video looks like it came from a mall or indoor marketplace, but it is unclear when and exactly where it will be.

Kareena recently revealed that she spends all day around Timur and Jeh these days. Speaking to Cosmopolitan India, he said, “I’m been around with the kids all day, at least on non-working days. I focus on what they’re doing, setting up Timur classes, sharing my time between the two of them, and finding my own bedtime according to when my little one sleeps. Will be about. “

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In an exclusive interview, Saif said that Timur now understands the difference between heroes and villains. Ahead of his last release, Bunty Aur Bubbly 2, Timur told Pinkvilla what he was asked about his role in the film. “I’m not just a villain or a hero, so he said, ‘Why are you so good in this movie? Did you kill people in this movie, do you weed out people, what do you do in this movie?’ Said Saif.

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